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this is my initial submission for the new planet-pulp online gallery. "what is planet-pulp?", you might ask...well let me quote the site's co-founder, jayson weidel:

planet-pulp is an intergalactic hub of illustrated collection of radness, Its an artist's gallery for a new generation.

It's premise is very simple...every month we will send out a Call-For-Entries based upon a theme. That theme is drawn from a collective conciseness; a social awareness of sorts of something remembered as nothing less than amazing. That theme could be anything from He-Man and 80's Action Hero's to Comic Books and Saturday Morning TV. It could be ANYTHING! The only thing that is certain is that the topic will draw from a well loved Pop-Culture, no, scratch that, PULP-CULTURE reference!


so, there you have it. the inaugural theme is "hero or villain redesign". i had no idea where i was going when i sat down to sketch this out, and ghost rider just kind of appeared on my page. i've always loved the look of the character in all of his incarnations, and i hope i've done 'im justice.

be sure to check out planet-pulp on a regular basis to watch all of the talented folks involved attack the monthly theme!
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