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optimus prime commission

transform and roll out! this is a commission i just finished for my buddy, kurt. the guy keeps me addition to optimus prime, green lantern corps, punisher, and iron man pieces i've done for him, he's also requested the silverhawks (almost finished) and a huge, door-size voltron piece!
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Give it a 2 color shading and aged design and you get a prophecy/history edged in stone.
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I am the Light in the Darkness. I am Optimus Prime.
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He is the light to Megatron's darkness.
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Can u do a megatron version?
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Matrix of Leadership!!!
Galileo-Clarke's avatar
This reminds me of the title stuff from MLAATR.
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"Light our darkest hour."
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Makes me think Shepard Fairey kinda. Some of his work anyway.
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TF from 80's what's better? :D
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nice colours!
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Reminds me of 1950's Deco styling/Dexter's Lab. Very Nice!
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Man, you got the touch............You GOT THE POWER!!!
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This would look spectacular on my wall at a very large size. Amazing piece!
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stop no no no i now this is my life as teenage robot optimus prime version
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very well done. love the simplicity, and the cutout/vector/cell-shade style
Kakashilover98's avatar
He looks uber lite!! :p
I always thought that the Matrix looked so pretty!

Me:Can I see the shiny??
Optimus:??? Sure I guess so...*hands me the Matrix*
Me:Oooohhh!! *runs with it and trips*

Anyway I shall fave him! :D
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I love Prime...I miss the 80's cartoons
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Man that's really cool.
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