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no fin no future poster

this is a limited edition poster that i just created for pangeaseed, a tokyo-based grassroots organization dedicated to educating and raising international awareness on the plight of sharks. Through volunteer activism and various mediums including art, music, film, and photography, pangeaseed aims to create an open dialog with the global community to develop an understanding of the need to preserve and protect sharks and their habitat.

this poster in particular deals with the practice of finning, whereby sharks are fished out of the oceans, removed of their valuable dorsal fins and then thrown back into the water to die slowly. i am honored to be involved with the effort to raise awareness of this practice and (hopefully) in some small, way help to end it.

the poster is a 12" x 18" 3-color screenprint and is limited to a run of 65. i will be debuting the print and selling a small portion of them (20 or less) for $20 each at my upcoming show (details below) and the remainder of the run will be shipped off to japan for pangeaseed to sell at their events. all proceeds from sales will go to pangeaseed.

nourish: a frenzy of illustrations (by tom whalen)
friday, april 23, 2010 6-9 pm
the gallery @ butterflies healthy food
4019 west skippack pike
skippack, pa 19474

the event is sponsored and promoted by the kick-ass design/apparel boutique, pinkie out.

if you're interested in purchasing a poster, please drop me a line at .

the end.
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This is gorgeous! And for such an awesome cause! Have you watched the documentary Sharkwater? I don't think I've cried so much before...
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Great job, and for a great cause.
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Wow - indeed a noble cause and I think you've portrayed it beautifully sir :clap:
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This came out beautifully! Nice work... maybe you should do one for whales too (since Japan likes hunting those too).
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If I were anywhere near you I would purchase one for certain. I'm a big pro-shark man, I hate finning and I have dreamed about stopping that from happening rather violently. Im glad to know you support shark conservation as well.
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Go Sharks! It is so awesome you are supporting them!:love:
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I love what you did with this- it is horribly sad that this had to occur to a creature that has been on Earth for 400 MILLION Years (way longer than humans for sure) and should be treated with respect. I would love to be able to use my artistic talent to promote causes like this, and I'm glad you used yours for it. Thank you!!
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simple and cool...
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What a coincidence. I was just talking to someone about this the other day.

Interesting design. Given the description I'm surprised I don't see the fin incorporated in more, but it still works nicely.
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I love the shape of this. Nice.
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great piece of design
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very cool design :)
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Love it. A worthy cause.
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I love the limited palette and the orange shark contrasting against green. I believe this is a serious subject that is often overlooked. Due to shark finning a lot of shark species are depleting and it's sad to see a creature who's been on earth for millions of years suddenly disappear.
But this is a nicely designed poster. It's simple which makes it a quick read and it's straight forward which makes it effective. Nicely done.
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