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monster squad poster

By strongstuff
fittingly, "the monster squad" is october's first friday fright night selection at the colonial theatre!

due to very limited distribution and no VHS release, this movie was completely off my radar when it came out. i only discovered it a few years ago when a great DVD edition came out. i was pleasantly surprised to find a movie unabashedly reflective of the 80's that re-envisioned the classic universal monsters. fun stuff.

i wanted to take a bit of an abstract approach to the poster. i'm hoping fans of the movie will get (and dig) it. not sure how it'll be received by folks who've never seen it. i'm very curious, so let me know...
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Scary German Guy
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Just introduced to your work this past "The Terminator" Friday. Love your work and I love Monster Squad, I am ashamed as an avid fan I totally missed the premise of the poster but in seeing it again here, AMAZING. Keep up the sweet work.
:highfive: Love this movie!!!!!
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Love this Poster and love the film!

Bringing back some childhood memories with this and the WM poster ate.
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I got that movie on dvd for christmas two years ago and loved it. I'd never seen it until then. This poster is great and I really like the way the text looks.
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Lol! I forgot about this flick! Great movie, great poster!
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hahaha!!! here is that scene:

:D :D
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"Monster ate my Twinkie" Best line ever.... and in reference to the monster squads version of the Creature from the Black lagoon! Great illo for a great movie! Instant fave!
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i loved this movie when it showed when i was a wee lass. but man it took me a while to read the pants because the space between the legs is the same color! When it hit though I laughed!! Awesome!
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Brilliant subtlety!
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haha it took me a minute to get the idea there lol great poster, loved this movie since i was a wee kid!
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very nice typography my friend. :)
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WOLFMAN GOTZ NARDS!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D
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I've never seen the movie (although i really want to!) and i think the poster is awesome! Great job on this one Tom!
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really abstract, i saw the movie for the first time a few weeks ago and i dont get the boot reference... my memory may be hazy though as it was part of a glorious 80's monster movie marathon. thems the best years
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The wolfman has nards? I love this movie. I thought they were going to remake it. Maybe that is just me hoping.
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Oh no, not his nards!
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