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legion of doom commission

this was a commission for a guy who works at six flags new england...he wanted a piece that had all of the legion of doom members featured in one of the shows at the park. if i remember correctly, he hung it in the dressing room where the actors who play all of these villains in the show get ready.
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I was one of the few people fortunate enough to have seen this work in the very dressing room you are describing. Wonderful work, man! The cast and crew were very appreciative!

Keep up the great work man!
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wow! small world! thanks for the kind words!
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no problem man! :thanks:
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Cool! It's got a nice sorta '50s artsy style to it. =D
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What could I say that anyone didn't say before?

Awesome , amazing, terrific, wonderful and any kind of praise to this.


P.S.: Again, if this was a little bigger or in print
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You are just blows my mind!
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What?! No Solomon Grundy?
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this is so off the Hook. Are you making prints of this?
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Jinkies. :O_o: That's a lot to cram into a poster. And you pulled it off quite well sir! :clap: Certainly an interesting line-up for this show lol.
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yeah, def. interesting. i wish they included grundy!
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super fun, how about an old michael golden /marvel micronauts poster some day? oh man i'd love to see that!!!!
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great suggestion!

and by the way, thanks for the shout out on your main page! that was really cool of you!
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this is just amazing, killer art dude!
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thanks a million!
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Wonderful work, Tom! I love it!!
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Fantastic! Love the colours!
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much appreciated!
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