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iron man corps commission

i finished this a month or two ago and just got around to posting it...i had a blast studying all of the old armor designs (i always loved those silver and red duds)...the movie design was especially fun, because i really got to understand how the practical suit worked...what an amazing design, stan winston.
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I really love this one. Its because of this i got inspired making my own iron man legion!
check it out if you like:

I salute you Sir Tom Whalen!

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Very Impressive! I like this a lot!
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I spy the one from Marvel vs Capcom 2!
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Good but i think a city scape/skyline background wood of looked better. Still i like it alot.
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Iconic looking!
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Very awesome.
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very nice always liked their work, and that once improved, perfect, congratulations! unbelievable; D
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DANG!!! Awesomeness! :D
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AWESOME ! I love it ! :love:
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Wickedly refreshing style!! :)
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Simple but most effective!! Great work!
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Wow! Nice stuff! nice coloring, orientation of iron man, and overall greatness!
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Iron Man! Cool! I love all the different design you put in here. Great work! :D :heart:
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Man... Stan was the greatest... Really sad he passed... :(

But regarding your art: It's great! :D

You know I never liked Ironman... As a matter of fact I went to the cinema without expecting so much... BUT IT WAS GREAT FUN!
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greaaa stuuff really good!
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Cool idea and well done.

Yay for the clunky gray armor! (my favorite version for some reason)
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You so totally read my mind here! :-) Too long and complex story to tell, but hey, awesome, awesome and yet again awesome!
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