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green lantern corps commission

here's a commish (ain't i fancy) of the GL corps that i just wrapped was really a blast to work on. i've drawn most of the main characters at one time or another, but it was fun to finally have a good reason to draw tomar re, abin sur and alan scott.
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Thanks for putting Alan Scott among the current Green Lantern Corp. He's so underrated these days.
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A nice homage!
T-cromartie-art's avatar
Damn!I just noticed sinestro!
Guy! you drew the bowl cut! ... This shouldn't make me as happy as it does.
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if i recall alan scott properly he is not a member of the corp

and as far as i know (i am new to the whole green lantern thing, i just started understanding the point of it all) his powers are only implied to be related (falling from the sky and whatnot)

but he personally feels a sense of obligation and camaraderie with the corps (again, my weak knowledge working here)

The thing i always like about green lantern is that IT IS MAGIC, the ring and the power battery is science but the source of power is something fundamental to the universe, and what else is magic in a universe that include such things

it is a meeting of the known and hte unknown a union of forces and when combined it helps the wearer overcome great trials,it allows them to manifest whats within themselves to overcome fear, it allows them to spread truth and help eliminate fear throughout the universe (which should be devided into WAAAAAAAAAAY more sectors)
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Gotta love the Corps! :)
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This is so SICK!!!!! Way to jam on this man!
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EXCELENT! Love that you included Sinestro!
JustinPNovak's avatar
Now that's Art!!!! Great job!
timpu's avatar
it´s a good thing you didn´t leave sinestro out. well done.
real nice, mate.
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Wow, cool picture. Very Darwyn Cooke.
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can't help but drool over good GL work!=]
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man man!! i just found your stuf!! and i really love your style and the themes!! this in special is really great, im a fan from green lantern!!! Alan Scott rulz!!
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THIS ROCKS! nice artwork and use of green :) and sinestro in the background there, magic! i wonder what they are all looking at off screen? it must be good
StudioSB's avatar
how do you get colors to look soo vintage?
i think it's really cool ,just love it.
maXVolnutt's avatar
Love the style. Reminds me a little bit of the New Frontier covers. The composition is very nice. Somehow, it seems very appropriate for GL. The image of Sinestro in the background really brings it all together.
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I really like the style here, and the composition is very good too, Ist that Sinestro on the back?
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that it is! good eye!
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very wicked gallery
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Hello, I'm in love with your style.

This really reminds me of something, but I can't for the life of me remember what. But it's lovely stuff.
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thanks!...and let me know if you recall what it is that my style reminds you of...
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