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global knowledge: spy

By strongstuff
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this is the fifth (and final) in my series of promotional posters for global knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training.

i have to admit that when i was given the "scripts" explaining what the client wanted out of each of these posters, this is the one that had me the least fired up to work on. as such, i pushed it to the very end of the series. as is always the case, it's my favorite of the five and the poster that i'm the most proud of. go figure.

you can check out the rest of the series here:
• sci-fi poster
• romance poster
• horror poster
• adventure poster

© 2010 Global Knowledge
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© 2010 - 2021 strongstuff
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Damn, these are great.
donwhitt's avatar
Love your work. So enjoyable to look at. Impressed!
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Wow!Wow! Your "Global knowledge" serie is amazing!!!:heart:
webmartin99's avatar
I like your work
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Super cool. Love the tight color palette...well done!!
OG-1's avatar
Absolutely love this one. I dig them all but for me this one stands out. Awesome!!!!
wa-wa-wa-wa's avatar
ooh retro love!! <333
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THIS is composition !
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man how i get a bigger size of that awesomeness?
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This is, by some distance, the best thing I've seen on dA in months.

It's very much the kind of thing I love, to be fair, but even with a predisposed affection to vector art and graphic design elements in illustration, this blows me away. You've made an ad for an IT company a desirable piece of art. I'd happily have this on my wall any day of the week.

I know from experience that this kind of image can go so wrong if you so much as misjudge the palette a smidge, or give anything less than your fullest attention to the layout, placement of elements or choose the wrong font. Every little thing on here, you have nailed. I'm just sad that it's not your copyright and so 'request print' would be a useless endeavour.
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Absolutely beautifully done poster, love the time you spent on the details.
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Your work has always been a cut above, but this is superb.
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Congrats on the fine work Tom, you took a bunch of seemingly boring corporate world concepts around and executed them in a very engaging and entertaining way!

Coming from the ad world myself, it's refreshing to see a client be so open to a fun and dynamic illustrative approach. The world needs more clients like that!

Well done Sir.
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The composition of this and the color palette is flawless.
This is outstanding. And freakin cool too. =)
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That is stellar!!
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Just when I thought you couldn't beat the last one, you create this one. Amazing.
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