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empire strikes back poster

here's the empire strikes back poster, the second in the series. jedi is on the way, but i have some commissions to button up before i start that.
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Great movie! Great poster! 
Dig your work. Do you have this picture available as a print for sell?
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I find this really interesting. Not just because of the style you used, but more because of the way you laid each element out on the poster. For example, I noticed that the rebels are facing the left of the poster and the Empire's armies and leaders are facing the right.

I also find it interesting that all the rebels have a determined look that they generally don't show in the films - even the horned creatures we see in The Empire Strikes Back.
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then what's boba doing? ha ha ha
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I agree! This is BY FAR my favorite of the Star Wars posters because of the details and the composition.
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I think that looks badass sir!!
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Any way for me to buy this?
looks really great
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Fantastic work. ;)
MarcusMarrittArt's avatar
really really gorgeous. please keep this up
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RIP irvin Kershner...
I would buy so many prints of your work. I love it.
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I love it...seriously. I always thought the original movies were better than the new ones.
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more scenes classics! :yoda:
FlareFlamingGuardian's avatar
that is an amazing poster!

you should somehow see if there is a way too send that to george lucas

i love it's style and creativeness
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My favorite of the three (though they're all outstanding) maybe cause' it's my favorite movie. Just love seeing those Imperial Walkers.

I know you're talking about an artbook coming out, but is this something you are able to sell individually? I'd snatch one up.
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