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dawn of the dead poster

i did this poster for the pittsburgh comicon, which coincidentally, is held across the street from the monroeville mall, the site where they filmed the original dawn of the dead.
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Great poster, I love this movie, way better than the remake :D I've been to Pittsburgh to see the steel mills years ago, but I had no idea the mall there was the filming site for Dawn of the Dead, that's so cool :D
Are you selling these?
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first time of my life i admire a vector piece! very great!
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wow... just wow. As a certified graphic designer, i do have to say your posters are really good, and i love the use of different axis for the text and the typographic composition.

Amazing job!
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All I can think of now is 'NOM-ARM-NOM'
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wow loke at all that gunk in his ears
MarcusMarrittArt's avatar
love it. one of the best movie posters i have seen
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hey i used your photo in a zombie montage. check photo here [link]
Love the movies. Love zombies. Love this.
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This is totally awesome!!! I can see resemblance to 'the man with the golden arm' movie poster. Very well achieved :D
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This is a great design I love it. ...and the irony. ooooh, the irony! Cheers, to you sir.
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Very well done, nice clean lines
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Ahh Zombies!Love this!
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reminds me of that poster THE MAN WITH A GOLDEN ARM
DavidKOw's avatar
another awesome piece of work!!
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Wow, this really took me off-guard. The originall Dawn of the Dead is my No.1 movie of all time, and I must say that it has never beenpresented as stylish as this. I really love the classic poster with the half face, but this tells so much about the context of the movie... Man, I can't get over the arm reaching for the shoping bag. Very poethic.
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Mr. Romero would be proud. :)
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Me favoriting this was LONG overdue.

Incredible poster - probably one of my favorites ever. And, you know, it's DAWN OF THE DEAD. So extra points there.
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great stuff, i love the style. very striking
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