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creature poster

please don't kill me for the following statement:

"i've never seen this movie."

but i do love the monster design...i mean, that counts for something, right?
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oh and if you have seen the host please please please, make a poster. And if you have not WATCH IT! It's on Netflix. oh and please make a poster for American werewolf in London.
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When a poster is this good looking you don't need to see the movie. In fact, it might be a disappointment.
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This movie is great! In my opinion the best of all the Universal Monster movies!
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I also don’t know this movie. :shrug: So you are not alone! :D Great poster!!!
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ALL of your work is OUTSTANDING!!!
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ive not seen it either, but my sister has. She says its the only black-n-white movie she's ever enjoyed! Im gonna show her the Wolfman someday
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please click "love it" :) [link]
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Post some pencils!!!
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Well, now Ive got to kill you.
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OMG! you have such a great style, keep it up.
i own it, never watched it
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lol - well do you ever PLAN on seeing it sir? ;)
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i won't kill you. of all the classic universal monster movies, this is my favorite but that's because it's the only one i've seen all the way through. what really counts is the appreciation of the films' styles, the monsters, etc.
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you totally captured the feel of the movie, the ship on top of the water is perfect.
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Great job on this series. Love them all, but this is my favorite.
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...aaaaaaaannnnd there it is.
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How could you have never seen this movie?
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