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comedian pinup

here's a pinup of the comedian that'll be appearing in a tribute book called "the children of watchmen"...the book is going to be published by the philadelphia cartoonist society and is scheduled to launch at brave new worlds comic shop on 2nd street in philadelphia later this fall...there will also be a one night art show featuring framed prints of the pinups from the book.
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the best comedian fan art i have seen...very unique...very innovative and very very inspiring...the world needs artists like you....cheers!
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I was hoping there would be some Watchmen in your gallery somewhere! Great job.
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Fantastic. I love the fact that you included both young and old Eddie in it.
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need's more smile, other than that, I love it.
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LOVE this Comedian. I am a HUGE Watchmen fan, and the Comedian is one of my favorites. I would love to see you do one of Rorschach!
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So definitely not enough of the Comedian out there. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. It's so stylish! And I love the color palette.
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Sweet! I love the style and the fact that all three versions grace the page. Excellent work! :D
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I have a massive love-hate relationship with the Comedian. As a character, he's utterly perfect. Consummately executed. But because of that, I can't stand him XD

And then I see him with the flamethrower, and fangirl all over the place regardless.
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Really cool design! I've featured this in my latest journal.
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I love the hell outta this. I want a poster of it for my room. Fantastic job.
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total awesomeness, and the retro looks works very well with it.
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I saw this up with other stuff from the Philly Cartoonist Society at the King of Prussia IMAX last night and I really, really loved it... I am so happy I found it here on dA! Great job! I love the color palette.
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oh wow! thanks so much...i think that show looks great...i'm proud to be a part of it!
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Wow, you really captured his arrogance and power... Love the colours!
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Awesome work man
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I love how you incorporated each version of the character and the element you used to bring them in. Very intriguing!
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watch this guy: scott derby.

he's working on a marker rendering of rorschach and it's gonna be awesome.
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This guy, the "Comedian" looks like an Evil-Dead Ash mixed in with, well more Ash with a smiley face button and a mask. That, and facial hair and no robotic/chainsaw arm.
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I want this as a poster! Sweet! I like the "Pre-rape" costume looks all heroic.
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... when it usually looks all... sissy-like.
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Awesome as usual!
how do we get this book if we arent from philly?
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