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boba fett minibust

you can't be in the business of drawing bounty hunters and not draw this guy.
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I really like this picture, It pulls of the retro poster thing really well.
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Awesome work !! He is an iconic character in StarWars.
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I think I may have found my next tattoo.
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The detail in the armor is superb! Love the little nicks and chips.
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Hot damn! Awesome!
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exceptional style
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luvin yer stuff dude! how bout space ghost or birdman?
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Very nice, one of my favorite bounty hunters from the Star Wars universe. But I must say, did you use flash to make this fine bust?
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Beautiful work!
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True true :clap: - Just an observation - the white around the gun seems to be a bit thinker than your other busts...?
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yeah...i did this a few years back and i find my style is always evolving...kinda drives me nuts, but it's not worth george-lucasing all of the old images.
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Very cool! I like it!!
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Awesome piece! :D
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thanks so much!
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"I'm Boba the Fett, my backpack's got jets. I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my vett."

You need to make a bounty hunter collage like how you did your Spider-Man villains, you would make a killing at cons with that.
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yeah boba fett!
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wahoo and great! i love it!
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