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batman returns poster

...aaaaaaand here's the final first friday fright night poster of 2010, the one and only "batman returns"!

christopher walken in a wig. michelle pfeiffer resuscitated by a gang of cats. danny devito noshing on a raw fish. emperor penguins. with rockets. this movie is delightfully unhinged and is my favorite of the 80s/90s batman series.

the colonial theatre in phoenixville, PA has had an amazing FFFN lineup this year, and i've been lucky enough to do posters for most of the shows. i've taken a peek at next year's list of films and i'm elated; two of my top ten favorite movies of all time are on there.

can. not. wait. for. 2011.
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One of the best Holiday Films
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Awesome how Penguin's hat transitions into Batman's cowl, smooth.
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I would hang this on my wall with pride!
Pretty neat, I like how the dark shades and patterns blend into each character seamlessly. Those are some mad vector design skillz :)
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This is some sort of SERIOUS cool :D !!!
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Dark Deco!
Reminds me a lot of the Batman animated series with a little Tim Burton mixed in for good measure!!!
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it catches the Tim Burton movie essence  
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Sweet Art Deco vibe! Anton Furst went for Deco as well in Batman Returns<\i>, I see you picked up on that and took it one step further. Very nice!
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Hi. Wow, great pictures, I love the lines, so simple. I love the composition of the picture, but most of all, I love the moon, the kind of cold mood that still warm you inside. You know... like Batman Returns was, in fact, kind of cold warm, I always had this feeling, which is here very well translated. Cool pics! :)
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That's awesome. I'd love to have that on my wall. I never would have thought of Batman and at deco styling.
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WOW! Great artwork! Very unique!
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Definitely the best of the pre-Nolan Batman films, and this artwork more than does it justice! Just amazing!
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I like it! Makes me think of art back in the 1930s.
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That is relaly well done. Very nice use of a limited color palette to create something very striking. I like the Penguin profile.
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I want this in my room. <3
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Great composition and tones!
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I just watched this movie for the first time.

Most depressing movie ever!!

And I've seen......uhhh,I cant think of another depressing that goes with this.
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Oh God "Batman Returns" this is one of my favourite Batman films, and while I was listening to "Kiss from a rose" by Seal (which you may know from the movie after but I associate that song with this movie and this picture) Now.......onto the picture:

I almost cried it was that BEAUTIFUL. It's reminiscent of Bruce Timm's artwork where his is much more edgy, yours is gently outlined and pristine, also lovin' the christmas theme

You don't know how much this picture has inspired me

Good Job Strongstuff <3
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This design is amazing! :D good work! :D
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