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adventure time travel poster

autumn-society-founder, swell-artist-dude, and all-around-good-guy joe game (aka chogrin) recently got a gig working on cartoon network's gleefully wacky new adventure time program.

being the go-getter that he is, joe immediately put out a call to fellow AS members that he'd love us to create tribute pieces in honor of the show's debut in april.

head on over to frederator studios' blog for a taste of some of the jaw-dropping art that has been submitted so far!
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I'd laugh so hard if it said "princesses welcome" XD
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That's Boss!!!!     Good stuff!
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We have all the bsic nessseties! We have Ice, we have snow, we have penguins we have pears, we have acorns, we have a psychotic monarch, we have lost hopes and broken dreams...


Please for the love of Gob, visit us! The tourism will make this wasteland suck so much less!

BOOKING room in the ice palace NOW
AdhiWicaksono's avatar
it somehow remind me of nuka cola poster....
Q-Folly's avatar
Yeah because nothing says "Come here!" than a creepy face carved into the location!
XD Great job!
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Looks like one of those posters from Fallout New Vegas!
Compare the Ice King's poster to one of the ads for Bioshock I's Plasmid: "Winter Blast".
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lol thats awesome
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I'd go ahead and live there, just to chill (:cough:pun is intended) and live in the quiet and snowy area.
GirlyArt01's avatar
I wanna go to meet the ice king!!!!!!!!!!! LOl.
sofrie333's avatar
Makes me think of the Oddessy poster in the loading thing from Fallout: New Vegas
TacoPerson129's avatar
I Wish I Could Get A Print Of This for my Wall XD
GO-VG's avatar
This is so neat!! Awesome fanwork:heart: I must add :+fav:
though I don't wanna isit there. :giggle:
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Awesome design yooooo very well executed!
Wor1dxfs's avatar
wow this is .... awesome
dragonwolfcat's avatar
Reminds me of the vintage Disneyland posters :la:
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This is poster is awesome! I'd love to visit Ice King's Ice Kingdom :D
DanaksZoul's avatar
Nothing's ever made me more excited to visit a land of princess-kidnapping.
CremeCoco's avatar
WoW!This is an awesome poster!It makes me wanna go to the Ice Kingdom!
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