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done in 2014, not available anymore. thanks for coming.
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I am preeeetty sure the photographers of these images would have some things to say about this,
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with all my honesty, i uploded this in 2014 when i was like 16. back then i didn't know pretty much anything about copyright or anything. i got the images from weheartit where i guess somebody without the permisson of the author probably uploaded them. what i'm trying to say(with my terrible english) is that i did it wrong, i understand that. but there's a lot of things behind that too, and an online plattform that probably know that people post things that aren't from them and they don't do anything. but, have you check out some packs form other people from deviantart? bc it's quite funny that you come to say this to me (a small account) and not somebody that have like 3K of watchers. And i'm not even making money of this. (some artists/photographers let people to manipulate and share their images, just depends on the license). But like i said, this was made back in 2014...

whatever, when i got time to reorganize the account i probably will delete the pack. thank u.
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"what I did was wrong, except I won't do anything about it. I may even delete this deviation, oh wait, 10 months have passed and I forgot to delete it because 833 downloads of illegal content that I do not own is no problem when some other thieves out there have much more downloads per stolen content"

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Look i was trying to be polite with you, i explained you the general situation and that shit is what you get from all of that. okey you wanna be like that, done. but i wasn't even making money on other's people resources or anything just sharing, i'm even shock that you even have the time to turn back and tell me this afterwards. I haven't post anything since agust, do you really think this account is even working? bc it's not. whatever, i don't know why i try to explain you anything bc you seem of those people who you can't even discuss.

anyway i deleted the download button to stop sharing their resources, i guess you are happy now or maybe not who knows. happy new year.
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Hello I used it here Decomposing Life by Undead-Academy   thank you ;)
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u welcome!!
and thank you for the credit <33
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Welcomed and thank you for providing them ;)
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Merci beaucoup
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for these stocks
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Nice :) Thanks! 
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you for downloading c:
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Muchas gracias <3
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