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Ohm... Ohm... Deep breaths...ok...deep breaths...

NOPE I CAN'T Can't Breathe 

You guys know what I'm gonna say by now shakespeare 

Actually, Danisnotonfire 4 You do not. 

Let me start this off by saying I am well aware that -- in all likelihood -- the plot, characters, themes, etc. of Yandere Simulator were probably not based at all off of those in William Shakespeare's tragedy of Othello or any other works by the renowned Elizabethan playwright (aside from a few Romeo and Juliet mentions, such as in this video).

Even so...the parallels are uncanny, to the point that I can hardly even believe YandereDev did this by accident! It's freaky OMG 
...I can't think of much more to say, as much as I'd like to write a cool intro to this, but I won't dawdle. Let's just get right into this Bard Emoticons Oh, and grab a coffee. Anyone who knows my love for Shakespeare and anime knows this is gonna be long Coffee And yes, I read this play about a year and a half ago. And it's still fresh in my mind. Yeah, the play is powerful...

This is what happens when I get an entire Friday to myself...Sweating a little... 

Ayano Aishi ("Yandere-chan") / Othello
...Do I even have to explain this? They both fall in, and later fall victim to, love so intense it grows to a possessive, murderous jealousy when they think their love prefers someone else.
The titular character of Othello and the protagonist of Yandere Simulator are both yandere. A yandere is a character -- usually female, although there are a few male ones -- who is extremely jealous, possessive, controlling, and often abusive of the person they like/love, to the point that they are willing to harm or kill anyone who shows the slightest interest in the object of their affection. This is usually (but not always) a result of mental instability, possibly from a difficult past. If a yandere can't get the person they like/love to return their feelings no matter how hard they try, they might even kill them, because a yandere would rather have their love dead than with anyone else.
Anime actually wasn't the origin of the yandere. You'll find yandere characters not only in Shakespeare plays, as I mentioned, but even in ancient mythology.
What led to this inner green-eyed monster in Ayano and Othello, you ask?
Bullet; Green Loneliness
  • Not much is known about Othello's past, but it's pretty obvious that he's an outcast in Venice. He's a Moor, and while today being a foreigner in a different country is no big deal, it was an instant and severe social disadvantage in Elizabethan Europe. You would think Othello being a man would give him some social leverage back then, but heh, nope Hahahahaha. No. In the Elizabethan Era, black women were considered exotic and exciting, while black men were considered savage and barbaric. This is evident right from the beginning when Othello and Desdemona have just been secretly married and are consummating their marriage, when Desdemona's father finds out and thinks Othello had drugged and raped Desdemona, because no way would his innocent, gentle, pure white daughter lower herself to someone like Othello Roll Eyes Yet somehow, Othello's and Desdemona's love transcended their differing races, ages, and social statuses that should have kept them apart at the time. Because of this, Desdemona means the world to Othello. He doesn't know what he did to deserve her, but he loves her more than anything. He never wants to let her go.
  • The same sort of deal goes for Ayano, but in a different way. She too is thrown into a group of people she just can't fit in with. But for her, it is the incapacity to feel emotions that sets her apart. Ayano can't feel emotions, and has never been able to. Because of this, she has never been able to feel empathy, tenderness, love, or passion, and has never established close familial bonds, friendships, or other relationships. Everyone else around her enjoys this integral part of humanness that she cannot, thus there is the same sort of invisible barrier between her and those around her that there is between Othello and those around him, so each of them can only pretend to fit in. Yet, somehow, she is able to cross this barrier when she falls in love with her senpai. He allows her to finally feel love, an experience that is just as new and all-consuming for her as it is for Othello. Because of this, she absolutely adores Senpai with as much fierceness and possessiveness as Othello has for Desdemona.
Bullet; Green Insecurity
  • Like I mentioned above, Moors were very much looked down on and disparaged in Elizabethan society. Not only were the demeaning traits above associated with their skin color, they were also considered unattractive because of it. To have pale skin back then was seen as high-class, beautiful, and alluring, calling to mind the hue of snow or pearls or alabaster. But to have darker skin was seen as low-class, ugly, and gross, calling to mind coal or ashes. Othello doesn't know what he did for Desdemona to be attracted to and fall in love with him. He fully expected her to fall for a younger, more attractive and polished man of her social class. Because of his place in society, Othello has a distorted and dysphoric view of himself. This leads him to think Desdemona might consider him unattractive too, and find another man more desirable, which makes him jealous.
  • Similarly, Ayano might be insecure. Though she isn't considered outright unattractive or ugly, there is nothing deemed particularly eye-catching about her appearance. It is easy for the other characters to consider her plain compared to other girls, especially the rivals for Senpai. The other rivals have prettier, shinier hair and eyes, larger breasts, more prominent curves, and cuter clothes. Their personalities also make them more outgoing and appealing to boys, ranging from blushy and tsundere, to sweet and caring, to sultry and seductive, and more. Ayano probably notices this, and the thought that Senpai could prefer these girls over her would make her jealous.

Yup, this is just the face of glowing self-confidence.

Bullet; Green Iago / Info-chan
While this isn't a direct cause of Othello's and Ayano's jealousy, it does exacerbate it a whole lot. See more below Wink/Razz 

Info-chan / Iago
Like Info-chan is in Yandere Simulator, Iago is pretty much the evil mastermind behind the scenes of Othello. In the play, Iago carefully and secretively manipulates Othello, using his love for Desdemona against him and suggesting someone may be trying to take Desdemona away from him. He does this to coax Othello's inner jealousy and possessiveness out of him to bring about destruction and ruin.
This is literally the exact same thing Info-chan does to Ayano.
Info-chan knows very well how much in love Ayano is with Senpai...and that there is someone else very close to him, too. She takes this and uses it to set Ayano against people. (The iMessage convo with Ayano is basically Info-chan saying "Look to your senpai...observe him well with Osana-chan." XD) She is probably doing this to backstab Ayano in the end, plus her personality very closely matches Iago's. They are both impressively intelligent and resourceful. They are secretive and mysterious, but also very sneaky, scheming, calculating, and menacing. A deeper look at their personalities reveals that they are both stoic, uncaring, and remorseless towards other people. This shows in Info-chan when she is unfazed by Ayano sending her photos of the corpses of murdered students, and in her willingness -- even eagerness -- to encourage lewdness, gossip, bullying, and murder, all while using Ayano as a weapon for these acts. This is shown in Iago when he has no problem deeply hurting and destroying the lives of those around him and *SPOILER ALERT* single-handedly leading to the deaths of almost the entire main cast of Othello. Both he and Info-chan are amoral, sadistic, even evil and probably psychopathic. Nobody knows who either of them truly are. If you need even more detail, I've explained it in this self-indulgent fanfic

Senpai / Desdemona
Desdemona and Senpai sure have a lot in common. They are both the object of affection for a yandere, plus...a lot of other people XD For Desdemona there's Roderigo, probably some other suitors before she married Othello, and possibly Emilia depending on your interpretation. For Senpai, there's ten other freaking girls Noes! Besides their position in the respective works they're in, they are almost identical in personality. They are both sweet, gentle, innocent, peaceful, and very vulnerable. And...well, I wouldn't call either Desdemona or Senpai a doormat, but they're both pushovers to some extent. Despite being harshly verbally and at point physically abused by her husband, Desdemona stays as attached as can be to him. She loves, supports, and comforts him as much as she can because she wants desperately to make everything all better. Similarly, Senpai is bossed around and told off all the time by Osana, but he takes it and stays friendly with her without saying much in his defense. Really, I think this just goes to show how strong their loyalty and devotion to their loved ones is Aww 
Ok, Senpai isn't characterized that much at this point in the game's development. But I think it's basically safe to say that this is YandereDev's intention for Senpai. And really, just look at this guy!

Just watching the cherry blossom petals float on by... And just in case you need more detail, I have a self-indulgent fanfic for that too. I might have too much time on my hands...

Osana Najimi / Michael Cassio
In Othello, Cassio is Desdemona's friend, and that's it (now if only Othello could understand that...). In Yandere Simulator, Osana is Senpai's childhood friend. Basically, they're both the friends of the love interests of each work's protagonist. They are also both perceived to have a crush on said love interest, and thus are the object of each protagonist's hatred and jealousy. In Othello, it goes without saying that Cassio is quite the ladies' man, which leads Othello to worry that Desdemona might consider Cassio more desirable, leading in part to his jealousy. Likewise, Osana in terms of appearance (and personality, for those who are into tsundere) could be considered by boys (including Senpai) to be cuter, more feminine, and more attractive than Ayano, which lends to Ayano's jealousy. For personality, Cassio is one of those "love-'em-and-leave-'em" guys, which Osana might be like too, because it is said that "if she is eliminated non-lethally and Senpai's sister, Hanako, dies, she will not go back and comfort him."

Kokona Haruka / Bianca
Longtime Yandere Simulator fans* remember Kokona as the previous test rival, poor thing Sweating a little... Because of her position as the test rival then, she was one of the major female characters in the game, like Bianca in Othello. She is also engaged in "compensated dating" to support herself, like how Bianca is a prostitute.
* Longtime Yandere Simulator fans as in, everyone up until those who got into the game recently, when YandereDev decided to implement Osana to test new elimination methods and thus remove Kokona. She will be replaced with Kizana Sunobu in the final game. I have to say, I liked Kokona. She was so caring, self-sacrificing, and hardworking, and she loved her father so much. She was like a modern-day Fantine from Les Misérables.

Megami Saiko / Emilia
Now THIS I'm excited about! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 
Megami is the tenth and final rival for Senpai. She loves him and is resolutely protective of him at all costs, much like Emilia is for Desdemona in Othello. Yes, I know, Emilia's love for Desdemona seemed to be of the "platonic until proven romantic" variety, but given her staunch feminism and all the room for headcanons that the play leaves, she could have been a lesbian for all we know ;) (Wink) Anyways, Megami is also serious, no-nonsense, and outspoken, much like Emilia. She may be a more extreme version of Emilia, given the rancor and vitriol in her message to Ayano (and, I guess, anyone else she deems a threat). Her hatred of Ayano parallels Emilia's hatred of men, especially abusive husbands (read: Othello). Most Yandere Simulator fans think that the one she's referring to in her hateful message from the laptop is Ayano, although some people think it might be Info-chan. Either way, it would work, since if her message was for Info-chan, it would parallel the antipathy and tension between Emilia and Iago in Othello.


This was my original comparison:
Oka Ruto / Roderigo
...This is definitely a much looser parallel than the others. It's pretty much just enough of a parallel to work. Oka and be honest, are both idiots Laughing Kubz Scouts mentions it himself from 6:23-6:44 in this video! For their position in their respective works, they both are infatuated with the love interest of the protagonist. Oka is a rival for Senpai, and Roderigo is a suitor of Desdemona's. They're both too timid and socially awkward to confess, though. Roderigo is meant to be comically lovesick too, and while Oka is more doted on by the fandom than laughed at, it has been said that since "she is very strange," the way she and Senpai meet "might be comical."

This is it now...



Midori Icon (FTU) Midori Gurin / Roderigo Midori Icon (FTU) 
I was thinking before that the corresponding Yan Sim character for Roderigo would have to be a rival for Senpai, but...forget it. This is almost perfect XD In both their respective works, they're dumber than a brick and serve the sole purpose of comic relief. Midori in particular is the ABSOLUTE EPITOME OF DITZ Laughing Roderigo, as an especially persistent suitor of Desdemona's, wants to be her husband (PFFFTTTT rofl), and therefore play a more prominent role in the play. Midori, likewise, wants to be a rival for Senpai and play a more vital role in the game. In Shakespeare's Othello, Roderigo annoys the absolute crap out of Iago, and it's specified that Info-chan (who I said earlier to be this game's version of Iago) "dislikes Midori. She cannot tolerate the inquisitive girl for more than a few seconds."
Yup, it's out. This has been what's on my mind forever and the references behind my YanSim fan art...^^;

I do not own Ayano Aishi, Senpai, Info-chan, Osana Najimi, Megami Saiko, Oka Ruto, any of the other rivals, or Yandere Simulator. They belong to YandereDev. I also do not own Othello. It is owned by William Shakespeare.
© 2016 - 2021 StrongButGentle
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Flute-Maniac's avatar
OH YOU DID NOT. Yes, I had to type that before I actually read it all. ^^; Okay, this should be fun....

"This is usually (but not always) a result of mental unstableness, possibly from a difficult past." THE PAST DOES NOT EXCUSE THE PRESENT ACTIONS. :stare: ...Also, "unstableness" is...kind of dd. Not really considered a proper word, especially in this context. What you want is "instabiity" (I wouldn't have pointed this out, but I have a MAJOR pet peeve with this word pair ^^; ). 

You would think Othello being a man would give him some social leverage back then, but heh, nope." A general and a prince, beyond that; were Othello a man of Iago's low social status he'd have been even more fucked than he was. 

He fully expected her to fall for a younger, more attractive and polished man of her social class." LIKE RODERIGO? HAHA. Nope. :XD:

If you need even more detail, I've explained it in this self-indulgent fanfic. " I SWEAR TO GOD SHE'S NOT MINE. ^^; 

And...well, I wouldn't call either Desdemona or Senpai a doormat, but they're both pushovers to some extent." ...Conveniently forgot Desdemona's manipulative and cheeky side, have you? Typical. And yes, you do have far too much time on your hands. :XD: ALSO FUN GIRL IS A GASTER REFERENCE WAIT WHAT O_o 

Cassio ABSOLUTELY has a crush on Desdemona. No question in my mind. Frankly, I'm surprised he respects the fact that she's married. 

In Shakespeare's Othello, Roderigo annoys the absolute crap out of Roderigo, and it's specified that Info-chan (who I said earlier to be this game's version of Iago) "dislikes Midori. She cannot tolerate the inquisitive girl for more than a few seconds."" ...Roderigo annoys the crap out of himself...? :rofl: 

All in all, all things considered, fantastic. :XD:
StrongButGentle's avatar
I thought you'd read this before? ;P

THANK YOU :stare: Fine, I'll fix it lol

Serious Nod 


Info-chan isn't? You sure? ;P

I didn't know about it at the time that I wrote this =P I swear, I gain new insight about this play every few months (yes, sometimes with your help, you're welcome), it's so endlessly complex O_O 

Ehh. I wouldn't call it much more than a passing attraction. Like you said, she's not really his type, though. He's more of a bottom feeder :XD:


Thanks :D
Flute-Maniac's avatar
I realized that once I got to the end and looked at the post date. :XD:

Do that. ;P


...I'm ace? Yes?


...Nah, I think he's genuinely into her. She's VERY much his type, because they're of the same social class. He's got the freedom to go for the rich girls and the whores. 

StrongButGentle's avatar
Ohh =P

Doesn't mean you'll never ever have sex. Ace people feel little to no sexual attraction.


They're also friends, though, so he'll respect that she's just been married and that she's more than happy that way. And I mean, when I first read the play I thought Roderigo, like most suitors, would give up and move on once he found out Desdemona was married, but that didn't happen either...:XD: ^^;
Flute-Maniac's avatar
And I feel none. None that I’d be compelled to act on, at least.

To quote my good friend Gavin Loxley, “If you say so 😏.” Roderigo is a fool. The words “give up” aren’t in his vocabulary.
Flute-Maniac's avatar
Unfortunately for me.
theyoungestbrony's avatar
Okay. So, this actually does make a lot of sense, good job, yadda yadda yadda... Now, I've never actually SEEN the play, so when I first saw the name "Bianca"... For a moment, I thought back to PJO...
StrongButGentle's avatar
Thanks. Hmm, interesting...:thinking: 
StrongButGentle's avatar
Interesting that the mention of Bianca reminded you of PJO.
theyoungestbrony's avatar
Hehe yeah well there's a character in PJO that's named Bianca, so...
ShadowKnight49's avatar
"Yup, this is the face of glowing self-confidence."

That part killed me.

What would be terrifying is if there was a Shakespeare character that fits for Fun Girl.
StrongButGentle's avatar

Hmm...there probably is, you know. It would be cool if there was :eager: The first one to come to mind is Lavinia from Titus Andronicus, if only because they look similar and are both tragic characters lol... I mean, the Fun.txt girl is just an Easter Egg so far, originally meant to be a reference to Gaster from Undertale, but people are thinking she might be more than that... Some people are guessing that her sister is Megami Saiko, which I think is very possible.
ShadowKnight49's avatar
She probably will be canon, as she is on the rival page... just that she's hidden, implying she's special. I looked up Lavinia, and that would be quite fitting. And considering that not much details are known about the rivals besides Osasa and Hanako, it is believable that she's Megami's sister.
StrongButGentle's avatar
Hmmm...if she is Megami's sister, then maybe if Yandere-chan kills Megami, the Fun.txt girl would try to avenge her, and since she's hidden, she's "unlockable" by killing Megami or something...or maybe she would be a rival in the sense that she might avenge Megami not by killing Yandere-chan, but by keeping her away from Senpai at all costs just to cause her pain...
ShadowKnight49's avatar
That would be... FUN. (eh? Eh?) It could also be something as simple as she fell for a... certain boy where she originally existed.
thormemeson's avatar
Hey have you seen YandereChan's mommy I mean goddamn I hate saying this but she is fine! I mean hell I'll replace Taro if Yandere turns out to be anything like her mom in the looks department. As for the gender flips here I honestly wonder if Yanderes weren't inspired by Shakespeare. Oh and FYI Shakespeare is in Hell working as a
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