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Kingdom Key and Guitar  by strongbad-joe132 Kingdom Key and Guitar :iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 1 0
Redwall Story Pg. 5
    “But now we have a chance to bring him back. And he’ll pay for betraying us.” Said Brockborn.
    “SILENCE!!!!” Screamed Terrafang, with a voice that rang through the whole church, startling everybeast within. “What hast I told thee about arrogance? Never assume thou hast victory until thy sees it before thee!” All talking in the abandoned church ceased at his anyer. “We shall go.Brockborn, how long hast it taken thy two to get to the Abbey,” he continued.
    “’Bout half a day’s march, sir,” he replied. “This abandoned church is just south of the place.” Hawkeye couldn’t help but snicker. “Yea. I can’t wait to get me paws on that traitorous mouse, and have his head for a trophy.”
    “If anybeast shall have that mouse’s head, it’ll be I,” Said Terrafang. “That Joseph, wilst know the full wrath of Ter
:iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 1 0
Redwall Story Pg. 4
    “ You might want to get the Abbot or Constance to come right away,” I replied.
    “There now, what’s all this abbot, nonsense youse talking about? And how can you forget your two messmates? We was like partners the three of us, right Brockborn?
    “Right you is, Hawkeye.”
    “What business do you both have here at the abbey?” Father Mordalfus asked. I jumped back a bit as he appeared so suddenly.
    “We came for Joseph. Hawkeye is the best tracker in our band. We be following the mouse for two days. Terrafang is going to make you regret leaving our band. So come back with us and maybe we could put a good word in to the fox.
    “Terrafang? I don’t know that fox or either of you. Now, I’m going to say this once. You both better leave the abbey, otherwise you’re going to have some angry warriors up here. Redwall has trained warriors here. This
:iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 2 0
Redwall Story Pg. 3
    That morning, during breakfast, I explained to everybeast about the incident with me blacking out again. I explained what happened. About why I blacked out in the woods and Martin’s Spirit guiding me to Redwall.
    “So there you have it. I still can’t remember what happened before that. I’m sorry.
    “Well, don’t fret too much about it, my child. Even if it takes time, try not to push yourself. Time heals all,” Father Mordalfus replied.
    Later that morning, I was given my first task. I was watching over Mossflower Woods from the north wall.
    “Ah, there you are, Joseph. About time we met, wot,” said a voice from my left. That’s when I met the hare clad in a red soldier’s uniform. “Basil Stag Hare, at your service. Well to the service of Redwall Abbey, anyway.”
    “Stag?” I asked.
    “Yes, well, I always though
:iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 1 0
Redwall Story Pg. 2
    Later that evening during dinner, Cavern hole was bustled with creatures talking about their daily affairs. It was Abbot Mordalfus who silenced every beast by ringing his bell.
    “Good beasts, as some of you are well aware,” he started, “we have a new mouse who just arrived this afternoon at Redwall. His name is Joseph, and I hope you all give him the same kindness that you would with any good natured creatures.” Every creature was talking at once.
    “His name is Joseph?”
    “The same mouse as the bellmaker?”
    “He doesn’t look to healthy. I wonder if he’s alright?”
    “Of course he is, Cyril, he probably doesn’t eat much.”
    The abbot rang his bell again and silence the cavern. “Yes, there will be time to talk later, right now I have an announcement. Joseph, you’ve come to the abbey at a wonderful time
:iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 1 0
Redwall Story Pg. 1
     “Where am I?”
I awoke to find myself surrounded by a forest. I must have blacked out somehow, I thought as I made my way to a nearby stream. I don’t think I was ever so thirsty before. I’ve knelt down to have a drink. The water tasted delicious as I’ve had my fill. Following the stream northbound, I saw what looked like a big red stone castle. “It’s huge. I wonder who lives there? Maybe someone there can help.” I thought to myself.
I knocked on the big gatehouse and was surprised to see a badger standing on top of the wall.
    “Be you friend or enemy to Redwall, mouse?” I heard her cry out.
    “Please, I mean no harm. I carry no weapons. I don’t mean any harm. I have no memory save for my name. My name is Joseph. And I come in peace,” I responded. At that time the gate doors opened and two mice opened the doors with one of them saying, “Welcome traveler, to Redw
:iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 0 0
Redwall Story pg. 1
“Where am I”
     I awoke to see that I was in a forest. The sounds of birds filled the air. Checking to make suer I was alright, I saw I had changed. I noticed a creek In front of me, so I decided to check my reflection. “I'm a mouse,” I exclaimed. I was surprised at my predicament. Why was I turned into a mouse? I had no memory of what happened before I blacked out, checking my suroundings, I started to walk up stream.
     Sometime later, I came across a huge building, probably as large as a castle. The entire building was built with red stones. I was amazed at the sight. I walked up and knocked on the huge wooden door. At the top of the wall, I saw a badger. Her voice rang down, “Are ye friend or foe to Redwall Abbey?” I looked confused, “Redwall Abbey? Is that what you call this place? I'm a friend. I need help. A second later she dissapeared and two mice opened the door. One of them welcomed me as I walked in
:iconstrongbad-joe132:strongbad-joe132 0 0
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My black lab mix passed away almost a week ago and we adopted a new dog back on Thursday. His name his Higgins. He's a Chow/ Golden Retriever mix. He's really cute.


Joe Womer
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First of all, thanks to everyone for checking out my page. And thanks for the favs on my artwork (even though I didn't do alot of art.)
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