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Necron Lady

By Stroke1986
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And here is the colored version :)
I hope you all like it!


Warhammer 40k universe and Necrons belongs to GamesWorkshop(c) 
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Is this what happens when Slaanesh gets his/her/its hands on Necrons?
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Ooooh, this looks so cool and sexy~ Pervy emoji 
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Im glad you like it :)
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Never gonna look at a Necron the same way again.

It would be pretty funny if someone customized one to look like this. lol
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Hehe iam glad to hear that :D and yeag i would love to see that :XD:
Exar-Kun-IV's avatar
DAmn that is wicked.

Her face is freaky, in a good way.
It looks great.

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Oh thank you very much :D well that was intended :)
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God damn that is increadible man like holy shit the detail is just insane on this drawing like absolutely beautiful and gorgeous =) This is just beautiful and the lights are easily the best part =)

any chance i could some day hire u to draw my Necron girl =) I had J squared draw her but im curious how ud handle her =)
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Thank you very much :) im happy you like it ! Well maybe someday but sadly im still sick so i guess it has to wait :/
RolueVasReisa's avatar
its ok i am busy trying to save up for video games in the mean time
hope you get better soon =)
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this is really cool i didnt expect these colors i guess i was thinking of more reds and blues
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Thank you very much im really happy you like it :) Well you know Necrons are like this with lots of green and metallic colors i tried to stay as close as i can to the race.
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