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October 20, 2011
The Flea by *stroggtank is a fantastic recreation of classical futurism.
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The Flea

One of the most versatile and successful vehicles in the last century, The Flea has not undergone major changes in the last seventy years. Despite its heavy appareance, it is agile, safe and fast, adapted easely to most of the known land, air and sea conditions thanks to its removable main body. Since it is an affordable and environment friendly vehicle, it has been adopted by civilians, militia, aerospace industries and even racing teams.

My entry to NVart5, I was about to quit but it was a fun project.


Mi entrada para el NVart5 de CGSociety.

Maya, mental ray, xNormal, Photoshop
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Slashcorerye's avatar
Wow..that render.. :drool:
Love this. Huge fan of your work!
Becarra's avatar
This is what I'd love the future to look like :) Brilliant!
914four's avatar
Interesting design, and an amazing render. The only thing that bugs me is the Sbarro wheels. While they're cool looking and work reasonably well on dry pavement, they don't really lend themselves well to the off-road activities the aggressively grooved tires would suggest. I believe there should be an option to replace those rim-riders with a set of tracks for environments where the muck would foul the mechanism, unless you have a transparent disk on either side of the wheel to keep the mud out. That would require the axle to enter the disk in the centre, or to have some mechanism where the disk slips against the wheel, but the later option would probably not work as well in muck or at speed. Nope, I think tracks are still the best bet. Great job though :-)
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Very cool vehicle,awesome render.
FelidaeCat's avatar
this is cool ^^ i like the colors and the shape of it. great.
Caby's avatar
empeze siguiendote aqui y ahora conferencias!!!! wow que padre la vdd
muchas felicidades!!!
WickedPrince's avatar
Vehicle looks totally cool, as does the render, but it's so huge I'd need a crew of four to get me in. :D
Designeran's avatar
muy hermosos modelos y texturizado, yo actualmente estudio animacion 3d con maya, zbrush, nuke, etc,, lo felicito!!!!
Love it! PaiRho is right. It does resemble the Blaster Master video game vehicle, but yours is sooooo much better!!

Taitaviracocha's avatar
Woooow!! Fantástico render y diseño!!
farnea's avatar
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moelghannam's avatar
wow.. good work bro
NetArtWorK's avatar
Great job! ;)

You can see my gallery HERE:
net4rtw0rk galaxy
PaiRho's avatar
Is that the tank from blaster master?
stroggtank's avatar
Hehe not really, many people have mentioned that game to me though, need to check it out, sounds like a good one! thank you! :D
atomovstudio's avatar
Incredible job. Very inspirational! Fell in love with it the first time I saw it! Really enjoy the color scheme and futuristic theme!
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GCARTIST85's avatar
Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101::iconshuffelinplz:
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
I want one of those :)
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