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Done in 2015. Maya and Mudbox  :)
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Super cool artwork!

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Modern take on 'dime' crime story, paperback cover - Brilliantly done :D
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Love the expression!
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I would love to commission you for work!  
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Shhh gow go to sleep.
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Oh man, that is so good. The sheen of the balloons is spot on and it could be a frame form the latest Pixar movie.
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Absolutely Gorgeous !
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someone reposted your work without credit : killer girl by Comxz2
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If this were a movie, I'd watch it.
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This is beautiful. :)
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Do you do erotic? Seems to be sitting on a goldmine of western style nudity here. I don't mean to lessen the supreme skill here though. My mind just always tries to undress things, even if it's great art.
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I love that pink she is wearing
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wow. do you work for pixar? cause holy crap you probably could!
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oh this is just beautiful, just every thing from the silk in the clothing to the smoke in the air, its all just wrapped up nicely, I can't wait to get more into 3d design. Because this as a prime example is phenomenal.
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I like the irony of the image: The woman is going "Ssh..." after having fired such a loud gun.
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I love your 3D ladies.
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Well... the party just got a lot quieter suddenly :|
Great stuff. The background looks painted, which is amazing if it's actually 3D. I love the dress (that texture and glitter!), as well as the wavey hair. Wonderful skin on the lady, and the whole attitude is very expressive.
Definitely glad you've started posting again recently :)
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I can't get over how much this reminds me of Mirage from Disney's Incredibles, She is Beautifully Done. 
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Oooo love all that silver and those balloons in the background XD
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If I had my way, every single thing you render would make dA headlines
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