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"Plus, Mrs. Mina, please call me Christian. You know, I'm TRYING to hide my identity here." - Dracula.

It's no use asking, Count. Shaving your fabulous moustache and wearing civil clothes is not enough to make Mina call you something else.


The strip is an inside joke for those who read the book: both Count Dracula and Van Helsing call Jonathan Harker 'friend' all the time. In Bram & Vlad universe, they are close friends for years, so, it's perfectly possible that one caught the habit from the other. But who started it, it's open for debate. xD

Oh, and in B&V universe, Dracula is alive. The things on the book were staged, so he could pretend he is dead and have his own life, without vampires annoying him to solve their problems and three wives pestering him about heirs.

If you don't know Bram & Vlad, here:…

Other shenanigans from Dracula, Van Helsing & Co.:

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