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Ask Dracula and Van Helsing - The three sisters



That was Retro7 question.

Yeah, old Vlad doesn't like his exes very much... Linnet already appeared on this summary comic here:…

Anna and Svenka are the brunnet "sisters" that looked like Dracula in the book (you can tell by her hooked noses) and Linnet is the blonde that laughed at Dracula when he showed up to rescue Harker. Boy, in this scene, you can easily see that the "vampire sisters" and Dracula can't stand each other anymore. They are all "You are a prick that don't even love us anymore!" and he is all "Get out of my view, you witches! Fine, have what you want and give me some peace!". It's amusing.

Vlad's family tree, in B&V universe:…

There's a little more about the three evil exes ladies on this page.


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Okay Anna and Linnet I can understand but Svenka doesn't sound too bad.