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Ask Dracula and Van Helsing - Buffyverse Dracula



This question is from paws4thot - I don't know if he'll like the answer, but what can I do? Vlad senior is a car person. And he's not into manservants.

And Viktor Dracula (a.k.a. :iconvladbandvplz:'s father) would fit waaaay more into Buffyverse. xD

Oh, and before you point that many bikers are grown men, remember that Vlad Dracula has around 500 years. Everyone with less than 200 is a youngster to him.

Ask the boys, if you feel like doing it. x3


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Alright I got a question:

For Drac: I heard you had brides in your lineage. Could you tell us about them, what they were like? Maybe show a few portraits?