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About Van Helsing and German



Headcanon #4: Van Helsing speaks English flawlessly, he just like to mess with his English friends.

Headcanon #5: Van Helsing lives in Amsterdam, but wasn't born there. He is actually German.


If you are not a (book) Dracula fan, you may not be aware that, every time that Prof. Van Helsing (he is Dutch, the book says he is from Amsterdam) is startled, he exclaims in German. People usually blame Stoker for not knowing the difference between "Deutsch" and "Dutch" and things like that. Well, I present you 3 of my favourite headcanons, in and out-universe. What are yours? XD
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He did the same to Quincey. I mean, just read the way he talks and it'll become obvious that Stoker never talked to an American in his life. -_-