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Hello everyone! Strix here to announce that until this coming Tuesday I will be unavailable due to being at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas! If anyone of you will be there, let me know! I'll be happy to meet you.^^

Have an excellent weekend! 
Hello dear followers! Hope you all have been well! Due to life needs, I'm happy to say that for the first time ever, I'm opening up for artwork commissions!^^

I made a commissions page that shows examples of my work and my prices right here:…  However, I'll be happy to go through a quick overview.

  • Plain pencil/ink sketches: $10-$15
  • Single Figures: $20-$30
  • Digital Painting (simple or no background): $35-$45
  • Digital Painting (background): $50-$65
  • Comic Pages: $75 or higher

If you're unsure of the price of a commission or would like to work something out, I'm willing to listen and comprise with any customer. I will not do commissions that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). And all payments must be made though paypal. If there is a particular art style you want the commission done in let me know! I'm very good at adapting to different styles.^^

Even if you are not looking for a commission, I'd love if any of my followers can spread the word around that I'm open for commissions! I'd really appreciate it.^^


Heya guys! Been a while hasn't it? Well, let me get straight to the point, I've been think about starting to set up art commissions to earn a bit of money school can't really pay itself. However, I'm very inexperienced with the entire process such as price ranges and how to set up a system and all that. So if any of you guys can offer any advice then I'll be extremely grateful...and you get first dibs on artwork. Thanks a lot!
Hello my fellow watchers! Just want to let ya'll know that in the recent months I've gotten a Tumblr: So far, I only have 7 followers....and that makes me very sad. So I'd love it if some of my deviantart watchers with Tumblr would be kind enough to start following me! I FEEL SO ALONE ON THERE!xDDDD
MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HEARTH WARMING DAY, WONDERFUL YULE, HAPPY HANUKKAH, AND MERRY KWANZAA...and...uh...well....happy whatever you celebrate! Just have a good time today!:D
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Heya fellow deviants! Strix here making an actual journal update! Talk about a first. Anywho, just wanted to let people know what to look out for in the next week or two. I've been on a really big animated kick for the last couple of days so, in order to prepare myself for Character Animation I (which I'll probably take next Fall semester), I'm working on a couple of dialogue animations.

The current one is a tribute to Lauren Faust, one of my idols, and is mix of two animation projects she worked on. Its animation of Spike from MLP: Friendship is Magic speaking Hogarth's lines from The Iron Giant. The lines are from the prayer dinner scene which, in my humble opinion, is probably one of the funniest scenes in movie history. So far, I have the key frames done for the first two seconds. For those who want ot take a look:… More is on the way.

Today I'm working on the key frames for the rest of the scene. The quality of the scene, I'm afraid, won't be too good until I can shoot it properly back at SCAD. All I have now is my scanner and Windows Movie Maker. It gets the job done, but scanning each frame is such a pain in the ass.

Another project I'm working on the concept and storyboarding of my senior film. I know it's just sophomore year, but several seniors have given me the advice to work on it as soon as possible. The working title is "The Imp and the Dackel". I've done some sketches of the three characters of the short that I'll be sure to submit soon.

Of course, if time permits, I'll submit some of my usual stuff. We'll have to see.

So Happy Holidays!
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Okay...I'm not sure how to begin this. For a good long while now, I've been receiving message after message for me update my TFA Warriors series, more accurately to get another chapter up. In my four or five years of being a deviantart member, I will admit that anything to do with my TFA Warriors is by far my popular category in my gallery. However, let me say this now and be perfectly clear:

Please. Stop. Asking. Me. To. Update.

I started that series when I was Junior in high school. Right now I'm a sophomore in college majoring in Animation which is probably one of the most TIME-CONSUMING major any student can be in. Not to mention my two other classes, most at which that take up my minor which is storyboarding, which is also a very, VERY time consuming as well!

Right now I am on my winter break, but during my breaks, I intend on working on my senior animation or smaller animation projects such as other senior films. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my family and my home-town friends. And, in the spare chance that I have free time at SCAD, I'm spending that with my friends and crewmembers there.

My dear watchers, I don't mean to sound mad or upset, but understand that at the moment, writing fan stories is a secondary priority in my life. Working towards improving career and strengthing my art skills as well as my relationships with those close to me is my number one priority in my life at the moment. As of this moment, TFA Warriors will be on hiatus until any further notice. Maybe I'll return to it or maybe not. However, don't hate me for thinking of my animation and storyboarding career first rather than fan stories.
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Just a note to anyone interested, all the animation assignments from my "Principles of 2D Animation" class are now all up on Youtube. Here's a quick link to my channel:…

Anywho, hope you guys enjoy some good old fashioned handdrawn animations!The animation with Dunkan is up as well!:D While on break, I"m hoping to try my hand at animation some dialogue clips. At SCAD, animation students don't usually do projects dealing dialogue until Character Animation I. Still have a bit of time before that so need to get into practice. Someone has recently asked me to do more stuff with Spider Courtney so I might animate her saying something (have a really funny quote in mind).

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Well, it's nice seeing all you again! It seems to be a happen of mine to disappear during my weeks at SCAD. I think SCAD takes its mascot too seriously...their professors work us harder than working bees. (The SCAD mascot it a bee) Anywho, it's winter break now and I've just gotten back to Louisiana about two days ago.  Happy to say that I've passed all my classes, most importantly 2D animation, with flyiing colors!:D Oh yeah!

Anywho, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm not dead! During this break I'll do my best to put up more pieces of art as well concept art for my senior film. Yes I'm still a sophomore, but I want to get started on it earlier. The earlier you start the better!

Anywho, have a good Thankgiving, get fat, hide your turkeys and all that junk...
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Heya all my friends and watchers! As some of you may know, this year I've started helping out with storyboarding for an animation project called "The Taffetas" created by fellow SCAD bees :iconsaetje: and :icondemongemini6: It's a completely awesome animated webseries with a wonderful variety of characters and ideas as well as a great crew to work with. (Great, I'm starting to sound like Po from Kung Fu Panda, I'm such a fangirl. :XD: )

However, the series is still in its pitching stages and it needs YOUR..that's right...YOUR help to become a reality.

Animation Magazine has set up it's 2011 Pitch Party and the voting has begun to choose which animation idea deserves to be pitched in front of a board of higher ups! Me, as well as all the fellow fans and workers of the Taffetas) would greatly appreciate if you go the link below and submit a vote for "The Taffetas".


Voting is easy! Just click on the spot for "The Taffetas", scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your name and email address, and then click "Submit".

Please help spread the word to get others to help as well! Remember, EVERY LITTLE VOTE COUNTS!:D

P.S. For those waiting for the seventh chapter of "Candy for Your Thoughts" it will probably be up tonight. The chapter has been giving me hell.:P
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I'm not dead yet, though by finals week, I might be hanging on by life support for a little while with all the busyiness going around.;P So yeah, I'm sorry for not coming Deviantart in a while besides coming back recently. The only excuse I have is college and helping out with senior projects. Since summer is almost here, I'll probably be posting up more sketches and stories up on here since I'll actually have time to outline and color them.

Anywho, so what's going in life right now? Well, I'm almost into my sophomore year at SCAD so yaaaaayyyy!!! I WILL NEVER BE A FRESHMAN EVER AGAIN!:XD: Oh, and if you haven't already heard, as of Wednesday, April 27th, 2011, I am officially done being a teen. I've just hit the 20 year mark. Doesn't mean I'll stop being a kid at heart though- I'll never be able to grow out of that.xD

As for SCAD/college life, I'm still helping work on the senior animated films "Strange Children" and "The Taffetas". I'm currently working on a new storyboard for the awesomeness that is "The Taffetas". "Warrior Cock" is all done from what I've heard, except for the sound. Can't wait to see that in the senior showcase for the upcoming fall semester. That film was a pleasure to help color and complete. For those who have been following my "Candy for Your Thoughts" story, the rooster of the Zodiac in my latest chapter was heavily inspired by the main character in "Warrior Cock". Billy knows how to animate some kick-ass roosters.:XD:

Speaking of my story, I'm sorry to say that I probably won't be posting the rest of "Candy for Your Thoughts" here on Deviantart mainly because most of my chapters go beyond the word limit on this site so it won't appear on screen unless you download it. To me, that's just too much of a pain. If you want to read, "Candy for Your Thoughts", all of it will be on my fanfiction account. Here's a quick link to the story:… I'm so proud of how popular my former oneshot has become. Only six chapters and it has 147 reviews! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!:D My evil plan for converting everyone into CoCo shippers is workiiinnggggggggggg!!!!!!!!xDDDDD

Since I only have about four more chapters left in "Candy for Your Thoughts", I'm trying to figure what my next major story should be. I'm going to finish up "The Lawyer, the Snoop, and the Scandal", but that will only about three chapters. I've been pondering over different story ideas- some of them are long and other probably just one or two shots. I really want to do a collection of oneshot stories that focus on what happens with the Drama Brothers and Courtney after the events of "Candy for Your Thoughts", though that'll be an ongoing project that I"ll probably only write in my spare time. I'm definitely going to try to get back on "TFA Warriors".  Forgive me, TFA fans, for the lack of updates on that.

As for any updates on sketches, I'm going to work on finishing up sketches of scenes from some of my stories as well as others such as the "Lost Chapter of the Princess and the Spider" that a dear friend wrote for me. It's a wonderful three-chapter story that takes between Chapter 20 (I believe) in my story "The Princess and the Spider" and it focuses on one of my original ideas for the story that I had to drop out of the plot. I want to thank everyone who has commented and favorited on my sketch of Tarantula Duncan and Courtney and their spider babies. It's seriously becoming one of my most popular pictures. Hell, even DxG shippers have been commenting and favoriting it.:XD: I'm actually wondering if I should make an sequel to the "Princess and the Spider" dealing with an alternate ending of them remaining as spiders. At least I won't have to think of names for the baby spiders since everyone else has bascially named them for me. You guys rock.;P

Anywho, I've wasted enough time talking. I'll try to update the journal more and post more stuff! Thanks for listening!
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The founder of it, Hal Miles and his wife, Nancy Miles (two very lovely people), informed all of us who went to the Savannah International Animation Festival of the news a couple of weeks ago, but then last night returned to inform everyone at CAS (the SCAD animation club) about it and we were all literally geeking out about it. :XD:

It's going to be the first ever Hall of Fame dedicated to those in the field of Animation- the first of its kind all the entire world.  It would include a large museum that would have articifacts and collections provded by Hal and Nancey Miles (their house is already an animation museum xDD), Tim Burton, John Lassetor, and many more great minds of the animation world.

The Hall of Fame will also feature interactive exhibits, a 450-person state-of-the-art theater (finally a place to watch animated movies in style), a Hall of Honor, a Cartoon Cafe restaurant, an Animation Avenue retail outlet (, and...probably the best thing of all....

...An actual</b> Imagination Studios-operated animation and film studio! WITH APARTMENTS!

For those familiar with Savannah, Hal Miles said that the Hall of Fame would be built on a vacate property close to the Pirate House (those from Savannah know what I'm talking about). It will probably take about five years to complete though all of us are praying for it to get done sooner (I'm now considering actually getting two minors just so I can stay in SAvannah for the completion.xDDD)

During the spring break of 2012, instead of the Savannah Internation Animation Festival, there will be an 8-day long festival honoring the start of the Animation Hall of Fame. It will probably be one of the biggest animation events in the entire world and will have the greatest minds in animation coming down to Savannah (I will be trailing behind John Lassetor like a pathetic lost puppy) and hundreds of animators and fans from all over the world will be attending this one in a lifetime events. I'm happy to say that I've just signed up to volunteer for the festival. I'll be saving up all my money next year just so I can buy some of the animation equiment that will be sold there.:D

For more information for the Animation Hall of Fame, here's their website:…

And their Facebook:…

I heavily encourage all fans of animation to try and plan to come down for the festival next spring break. Show your love for the artform of animation!:D It's something you will not want to miss!
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Heya everyone! I'm asking for kind of an odd request, but bear with me. As many of my watchers on Deviantart and Fanfiction know, my current large story is "Candy For Your Thoughts" which is a Total Drama World Tour Cody/Courtney romance story in which each chapter is based off one of the episodes in Total Drama World Tour. Those who have read it know that I have personally written all of the songs sung in the chapter.

Anyway, the songs I've written have been really popular among the readers and one reviewer has asked if I could put an actual sung-version of the songs up on Youtube so that the readers can actually hear what the songs sound like.

I'd love to do that, but unfortunately, the only singing I do is when I'm alone or in the shower.:XD: Not only that, but so far, all the songs in the story so far are sang by guys.xD

So here's my request.

If there's anybody that can pull off an Alejandro, Duncan, Noah, Cody, and Owen voice (there will be more later), will you be willing to sing sing the songs from my story? So far, there's only two songs in the story. They are...

"One By One They All Will Fall" sang by Alejandro and Duncan

"Gotta Tell the Girl" sang by Owen, Noah, and Cody

If anybody is willing to give it a try or knows someone that might be able to pull it off, please leave me a comment and we work out details.

Thank you for taking notice!:D
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First off, I would like to wish all my friends and watchers a very Happy Valentine's Day and Single's Awareness Day! As usual, I have no valentines and am still very happily single. Tonight I shall celebrate the wonderfulness of single life with a group of friends as we go to our favorite yogurt shop for a fun night of karaoke!:D

In other news, for fans of my latest story, "Candy For Your Thoughts" I am already working on the fourth chapter of the story and should be up by next week. I never thought I'd enjoy working on another story so quickly after finishing up my beloved "The Princess and the Spider", but this one has found a way to worm its way into my heart. Perhaps it's because I've had so much fun coming up with songs for each chapter. The fourth chapter will be at Niagara Falls. Yes, I'm skipping Norway episode because (besides the song) that episode was a piece of crap. The only golden moment of that episode the whole "Gwen's Face" sequence mainly because it had Duncan and Ale in sparkly outfits and made me see how wonderful those two were together.:XD: But that's it. The rest of it was just Ale and Duncan being man whores to Owen and Team Amazon...well, they didn't really do much of anything, at least nothing important enough for me to bother remembering.

...Now where was I? Oh yeah. The chapter four will be in Niagara Falls. The song in that chapter was my all time favorite to write. Won't give too much away, but I will say that Owen and the person returning to the game (not the useless bitch Blaineley) will be the ones singing it.

NOw on to life at SCAD. This semester has been a wonderful one so far. As I said in an earlier journal, I've signed on to help work on a couple different senior animated films. So far, I've worked on storyboarding, some coloring, and I will soon be doing some inbetween animation. In two weeks I will also be in a music video.

So yeah, this semester is keeping me busy, but in a good way. I'm enjoying every second of it.

For those interested, here are a couple of sites for the animated short films I'm currently helping to work on.

The Taffetas: … done a couple of storyboards for this. The two seniors in charge will be presenting this little beauty to WB in March.) (I'm doing coloring, inbetween animation, and maybe some voice acting for this one).

Both those two and the third one that I don't have a link to are wonderful animated shorts and the seniors in charge are great people. They're projects I'm happy and greatly grateful to have a chance to work on. When they get complete, I'll ask to see if the seniors would mind putting the short films up on YOutube for everyone to see.

Until next time, have a great V-Day and S.A.D!
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I'm very sorry to say that today I found out that on Saturday Brian Jacques- beloved author of the much cherished Redwall series, has passed away because of a heart attack at the age of 71. The Redwall series has been one of my favorite book series from childhood and Brian Jacques has been a huge inspiration to me. His writing and illustrations are one of the greatest muses for all my pieces and I will mourn the passing of such a gifted storyteller.

To honor his memory, I will give him a proper sendoff for the one who created such a much beloved book series......

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Hello fellow friends and watchers! As much as it hurts me to say this (cause I've just started "Candy for your Thoughts" that I love writing almost as much "The Princess and the Spider"), but I might have to temporary put a hold on any of my stories or artwork at the moment.

But it's for a very good reason I assure you! In fact, I'm very excited for the reason.:D

Allow me to explain:

Yesterday, SCAD (the college I attend) held their annual Senior Soiree which is an event to help the seniors (mostly for animation and film) find much needed help for their short films or commercials.

Now note that I'm only a freshman in my second semester. I'm majoring in animation with a minor in storyboarding, but I haven't taken any classes for either major or minor yet cause I'm still in foundation clases (damn them). However, a friend of mine who's a senior in animation (got to see his film. It looks hilarious and I can't wait until he has it done at the end of the year) and he convinced me to go cause it seems that many seniors will be desperate enough for help that they'll get help from anyone and will be willing teach freshman some tricks of the trade to help move it along.

So I picked up my faithful sketchbook, bade my best friend a hearty farewell, promising to come back in time for Animated movie night, and set off to O-Houee for the Senior Soiree.

I don't regret going at all.

My friend was right, lots of seniors were willing for any help to be offered. One senior said that she'd help me learn how to animate using Flash for her film (which a Disney animator was helping work on. So exciting!) And then there was other that would teach me the coloring in process for her film.

But perhaps the best part was when some live-action film makers looked at my sketchbook and asked if I could be the storyboarder for their films.

My friends, I was in hog heaven.

So,, my friends, with helping with senior films, plus my own homework and stuff for SCAD District, I'm afraid my stories and artwork might have to be put on hold for a little while. Wish me luck on working on my first ever animation and live action films!:D
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Yesterday I just recently saw the trailer for the new Fox Entertainment animated film called "Rio" about a rare blue parrot who is the last of his species and is sent to Rio to mate with the last female Blue Macaw but they end up in the wild through a series of mishaps.

As I watched this, there was only one thing running through my mind...

What. The. Fuck? This is just Pixar's Newt!

For those animation geeks who aren't aware of what I'm talking about, allow me to explain. "Newt" was a future Pixar project that in the last year or two, Pixar dropped for unknown reason. It was bascially the same plot as Rio expect they were blue-foot newts instead of blue macaws.

It looks we now know the reason why Pixar dropped Newt.

But I can't help but wonder which animation studio came up with the idea first and whether towards the future of Rio's release will the media connect the dots and realize this odd concidence?
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I would like to wish all my friends, watchers, and fellow artists and writers a very merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season for everyone no matter which winter holiday you celebrate!:D

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Though I am somewhat flattered by the several messages asking for me to do art requests or art trades as of the late, I want to make it clear that I am not taking ANY art request, art trades, or art...whatever. My college art projects are already taking time away from me completing much of my own work so it's literally impossible to find time for me to complete anyone elses.

Now, there are a few people that I have promised to make a pictures for and, rest assumed, I will complete them once I have time (probably during Winter break).

Just want to get that message out so I won't have to privately decline each message sent to me.