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The Master of Time Returns


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Well, he was in the newest trailer so I HAD to draw him

I am so, so excited about the new game and he looks amazing and he's so animated aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA

Unfortunately the currently humid weather made the paper all crinkly >:I But I'll obviously be drawing him more in future and I'll be able to do him justice!!

Crash Bandicoot (c) Activision
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Absolutely LOVE the awesome colouring you gave N Tropy here - you certainly did the dastardly doctor justice! :clap:

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I love the way you draw him! :love: I think he’s the best doctor out of all four of them (heck, he’s my favourite character out of everyone in the Crash Bandicoot games).

While the new game had me hyped from the start, seeing N. Tropy in the new trailer just completely sold me. While playable Dingo is cool and all, but I’m just really happy that Tropy’s getting more time in the spotlight!

Strixic's avatar

Thank you! You have a good taste in Crash characters :D

His presence in the game is very exciting. It's great that he's being highlighted. Definitely one of the things that is most pulling me in too!!

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I heard that he‘ll be taking over the main villain role from Neo Cortex in this next game. But he’s my favourite character in the Crash series.

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It seems like he will! You have good taste :D

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Thanks, yeah N Trophy is my favourite doctor in the series. I like Crash, looking forward to his new game this October, just one month left to go.

PowerOptix's avatar

Bruh no joke, that smile had me swooning.

Strixic's avatar

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I made an involuntary very audible sigh when I got to that bit in the trailer omg XD

sandowkatie's avatar
😳😳😳😳😵😵 that darn scumbag.....
Strixic's avatar

Nefarious indeed!

JenL's avatar

Who knew Tropy could get even hotter. Man Toys For Bob went above and beyond the call of duty. ....for the fangirls. =P

Strixic's avatar

XD Do they know what they've unleashed upon the world!?

JenL's avatar

Rabid fangirls just turned full-on feral. XD

Tropy had been the lesser known of the scientists in the older games (cause of less screen time) but holy cow is he gunna get sooo many fangirls now.

Strixic's avatar

I wonder what kind of content they'll produce!! 8) (JK, I think I already know, and I do not know how I feel about the prospect XD)

TrailBlazr495's avatar

I thought this was Clockwork Knight when I first saw this! (Clockwork Knight is super underrated though.)

Strixic's avatar

Ooh, I've never heard of this game before ovo maybe I'll check it out

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Now you're on MY time!
ArtsyHarper's avatar

You actually included his lubricious eyebrows!

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And he’s looking so good! ^^
Strixic's avatar

Yeah his new look is excellent :D

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Your Tropy is looking fantastic, as always! :D It was actually a bit surreal seeing him return with a new model and everything. Like, just a few years ago I thought this character was basically gone for good. I'm so excited that they're going to be exploring him more!

I'm loving the new animation as well, he seems much more like a cartoon now, which is really cool. =P

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