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E Nigma
United States
My name is E-Nigma and I've been on Deviant Art since December 2006.

Although profiles like my Youtube, Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr, XH, and Eka's paints me as a playboy, I'm vastly different and actually a reserved and a mild mannered man in real life. Profiles like my Twitter, Tumblr, and Deviant Art however is where my dark side is let go. Kind of like that old show the Incredible Hulk.

I've shamefully have suffered from hyper-sexuality since I was a kid. When I was a boy I would get a bad case of Rigid Dick whenever I saw Slave Leia, Janine from Ghostbusters, Jessica Rabbit, Teela from He-man, and April O'Neil from TMNT. Rachel from Ninja Gaiden is also a favorite piece of artwork. But I'm trying to change now that I'm older really....really...I am.

I used to be on the disturbedthings site as JabbaslurpsLeia and HydracubusslurpsRachel before it went down. Now most people there have flocked to Eka's. And thank you SteveoReno for this awesome pic you made back in our DT days of Leia.………
The only good thing I remember about Rampage was seeing Malin Akerman in a sexy red dress (#muhdik).  But even then she died in such a lame way that even a vorefag like myself couldn't really have fun with.  Shame because I really could see myself as George the Ape, in that we're both this pale white muscular beast, that grunts at people, and does obscene hand gestures.  Malin played one of the bad girls, but I still couldn't hate her.  Not just because I wanted to lick her taint and snatch every time she was on screen but...she's Swedish.  How the hell am I supposed to hate the Swedes?  (unless I'm a rabid Somalian).  I guess the director wanted me to cheer when she got vored, but I just felt miserable and sexually frustrated afterward.  It left a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended).  Maybe I'm still getting over the Zara scene from Jurassic World, but I digress.  Still the villains were as dumb as everyone else on screen. 

It starts out with a cutie on a space station.  Immediately I thought she was going to be like a hard survivor chick like Sarah Connor, but instead she ends up dying.  Anyway the movie didn't know whether to be like a black comedy such as Return of the Living dead, or to be a serious film.  So like the dual nature of the monsters, they decided to be both.  In turn it failed miserably.  Why?  Because through seeing countless soldiers get stomped on, civilians die in crashing buildings, and even the protagonist monster eat a woman, I was supposed to feel happy at the end.  I mean the Rock was alive and still flexing his muscles while having sign language jokes with George.  So...everything is ok...despite the city looking worse than a bombed out Dresden with just as many casualties.  Fuck all that shit though, the Rock was alive!  So fuck me.  I should have turned off my brain before I entered the theater.  Dumb fucking me.  The one good thing I can say about that movie was that it was slightly better than Jurassic World.  But then again that's like saying rank cat piss is better than dog shit. 

Funniest part about this is that German trash director Uwe "The Toilet" Boll is trying to sue the director of Rampage because he made another film with the same title.  It will probably be more entertaining to see which Rampage movie will be labeled the worst one.  In the blue corner we have the one directed by Uwe Boll.  In the Red corner we have the one starring the Rock.  Let's get ready to ruuuuuuummbbbbbbllllleeeeee!

I used to play this game as a kid.  Yeah I know the shot outs in the movie.  Yet I felt like the last time I let a girl peg me.  Am I really getting old to the point that everything sounds like shit as explained in the South Park episode? 

Oh well, I'll wait until San Andreas 2.  (Yes that's really a thing!)
  • Listening to: Ocean waves
  • Reading: info on my next pc build
  • Watching: vids of Eva Green
  • Playing: with my wang
  • Eating: Someones liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti
  • Drinking: my life away
Original survey by

Name: I go by many names like Enigma, Willy Wanker, He-Man, or Haywood Jablowme.  For now you can call me Mister Man. 
Birthday: 1/24/1982
Height: Five feet, Eleven inches
Weight: 200~ lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Dark brown
Race: I'm biracial, I'm half Jaeger on my Father's side and half Kaiju on my Mother's side
Zodiac Sign: Go fuckus yourselfus majorus.

Drink?: No
Smoke?: NO
Use Drugs?: Hell damn NO
Cuss?: not really.  It's for people with small minds.
Play Any Instruments?: yes
Have Any Peircings?: NO, they're ghey
Have Any Tattoos?: NO, they cover up my muscles
Like To Annoy People?: No
Like Life?: Yes, yes I do.
Wear Make-Up?: NO, that's even gayer
Dye Your Hair?: NO, ghey
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: Only when a girl is lashing me or crushing me between her legs.
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: You mean a nude sweaty woman?  Oh Yes!
Like Pina Coladas?: Yes I like Pina Coladas...
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne, I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tape, At a bar called O'Malleys where we'll plan our escape

TV Show?: Airwolf, TURN, KnightRider
Movie?: The Ten Commandments and Highlander
Band/Singer(s)?: Jon Bon Jovi, Queen, all that stuff from the 80s.  But I'll listen to a lot of Orchestrated music.
Song?: It's a kind of Magic
Color(s)?: White and Blue
Shape?: A woman's figure
Animal?: Lions and Eagles
Smell?: her booty
Flower?: White Roses
Subject?: Me and you making love on the honeymoon night.
Board: /pol/!!!
Musical: Cabaret, Jon Secada and John Stamos rule. 
Sport?: Boxing and Olympic wrestling.  Not that fake pro wrestling bullshit
Word?: Groovy....
Quote?: Gimme some sugar baby..
Hobby?: public masturbation
Store?: whatever one carries the tools I need.
Season?: Spring
Time Of Day?: early morning silence

Worst Fear?: Going to Hell
Life Goal?: Not going to hell
Greatest Accomplishment?: One time we successfully mated a bulldog and a shitzu.  Yeah we called it a Bullshit.  Teheeheehee, weheeheehee

Pepsi Or Coke?: I don't drink Soda
McDonald's Or Burger King?: I don't eat fast food too much
Converse Or Vans?: huh?
Dogs Or Cats?: Why settle for dogs and cats when you can have Wolves and Tigers?
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: Send me a message and I'll tell you.  Because if I tell you, you'll tell your friends, your friends are calling me on the horn all the time, I got to go openings of shopping centers and sign would make my life hell, ok? A living hell!
Chicken Or Fish?: Fish, especially Salmon
Black Or White?: White Power!
MTV Or FUSE?: Neither.  MTV has destroyed America enough.
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: Mp3
Pants Or Shorts?: I walk around naked from the waist down.

Day: One where I win a Million dollars.  "two chicks at once man" :)
Room: One filled with Laura Prepon, Christina Aguilera, Sophie Monk, Sophie Reade, Billie Faiers, Eva Green, Kirsten Dunst,
Life: One where I triumph over all
World: The one God originally made
Romantic Date: One where I rescue the damsel in distress.

Heaven & Hell?: YES
Angels & Demons?: YES
Reincarnation?: No
Yourself?: not really
Ghosts?: Yes
UFOs?: Yes, I shoot at them all the time.
Big Foot?: Yes, my shoe size is 13 wide.
Lockness Monster?: Yes, he's an old friend.
A Thing Called Love?: Yes, it's my favorite thing to feel

Kill Someone Else?: Yes, I think of doing it often. 
Kill Yourself?: Never
Beg For Money?: no
Skydive?: yes
Bunjee Jump?: yes   
Make out in the rain?: Every Damn Day
Ride A Motorcycle?: Yes
Do Extreme Sports?: yes

Ever Been To Jail?: No Criminal record to speak of
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: Yes out of a wine tasting event.  I drank too much.
Do You Have A Job?: Yes

Are You Lonely?: Why you want to have some fun, huh?
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: What do I look like?  A reddit fedora?
Do You Fee The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: What are your services?
Really?: Do you do full service, happy ending, and full body massage?
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: From my Vas Deferens and Testicles.  I can make more and extra creamy depending on how much celery and broccoli I eat.
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: *unzips* let's find out.
Is That Your Final Answer?: Ahh yeah baby yeah...
Are You Sure?: hold it there baby....
Postitive?: almost there baby....
Glad That This Is Over?: No, I didn't finish yet.
  • Listening to: TV Static
  • Reading: medical notes on mental health
  • Watching: A clock tick.
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: Someones liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti
  • Drinking: Water
I know there are young people on Deviant Art who mostly surf for fan or pop art.  Sometimes though there are mature themes that hit really hard for some users.  They might involve gore, sexuality, private fetishes, etc. 

I bring this up because there are users like Yours Truly who are mostly on Deviant Art specifically for the Mature Content.  And it kind of weighs on my conscience to think that an underage person or puritan type might be seeing my more perverted favorites and/or deviations. 

If such content upsets or makes you uncomfortable remember to uncheck the box that says "Show Mature Content".  Go to top panel where it says "Deviant *your username*".  Click on it and drag down to where it says "Settings".  When the Settings part comes up on the left hand side go down to where it says "Browsing".  Click that and when the "General Browsing" option comes up.  Go to the box where it says "Show Deviations with Mature Content".  Uncheck that little box if you do Not want to see Mature content deviations.  Then remember to click "Save". 

Cake Tare and Enjoy. 
  • Listening to: TV Static
  • Reading: medical notes on mental health
  • Watching: A clock tick.
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: Someones liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti
  • Drinking: Water


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