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Comish - Tyrannoinsecta Regina

By Stringsartz
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An anonymous commission! A color of an old sketch!

Below is the text provided by the commissioner regarding lore behind the image. 
Apparently she is some sort of infection - transformed otherworldy creature =p.




The “Holh” is a dimension plane of existence outside of the world. This zone was created neither by Gods nor elements or influenced by them in any way, shape, or form. The Holh is a vast void of nothing, devoid of light or substance of any kind. A single deity-like entity born from nothing reigns supreme here. Choosing the name “Nihil”, it created and gave life to Holhoids. Along with the Holhoids, Nihil has no physical form. Instead, they take the form of black free-forming smoke. Nihil having a very Nihilistic personality believes life does not have any meaningful aspects and any established moral values are abstractly contrived. This belief is so strong that the holhoids don’t believe in reality or knowledge. This is evident that Nihil controls its people via a hive mind, simply making them extensions of its own will. To Nihil, life was void and fleeting. After the creation of the multi-verse, a dimensional rift formed in the Holh, reality dawned on Nihil causing it to want to assimilate with the universe. Proving nearly impossible to bypass, Nihil and the Holhoids passed much the centuries trying to bypass the rift set before them. Succeeding, Nihil allowed itself to cross over by possessing a human host. The alien DNA in its own body acted like a virus dubbed “Chrysalis” by humanity. As it spread, it allowed Holhoids to pass through the rift and possess human hosts. The Chrysalis virus is Insect in origin, leaving humanity to name the Holhoids “Insectoids.” The holhoids besides possessing insect-like qualities while transformed possess many qualities of demon-like entities, such as possession, omnipotent knowledge, and other diabolic abilities. Those possessed by a Holh have they’re being erased, becoming a blank slate and husk of a person. There seems to be no cure for this irreversible damage, leaving many to wonder what becomes of the former shell of a human.




The Chrysalis virus is a parasitic gene belonging to the Holhoids, a target is infected via physical contact or passing of fluids. A simple scratch, bite wound, or any bodily fluid passing into an infected body will transmit the gene into them. Once the target is infected a series of things will happen depending on the target species. Anything that isn’t pure human will die a painful and gory death. The gene acts like a virus and attacks all the cells in the target body at once, causing them to swell up with cancer cells then violently explode turning them into a walking meat grenade and showering the virus in the immediate area in response. As for humans, exposure to the virus is much worse. Humans undergo a transformation, the virus acts like a parasite as it breaks down their cells and replaces them with Holhoid DNA, which in kind makes them suitable hosts. Once a Holhoid has claimed its host, the host undergoes a second metamorphosis. At this point the Holhoid uses its abilities to erase the host’s mind and merge its soul with the host’s body, effectively expelling and forcing the human’s soul into the astral realms. Due to this, there is no cure for those who have become infected. Once the Holhoid has full control of its new body it can use its unique power to mutate between human and Insectoid form. In Insectoid form the Holhoid’s gain powerful exoskeleton protection rendering any type of weapon harmless to them. However duskcore and powerful magic seem to be their only weakness at this point.




The Holhoid species are beings made up of formless anti-matter. To mortals capable of seeing them they appear as black formless smoke. Due to them being made up of anti-matter they don’t exist outside of their realm of Holh. To interact with the universe made up of matter they need to hijack a host, which due to the restriction of their DNA requires it to be a human. Once possessing a human host, the now Insectoid has powerful and deadly abilities to wield.  Besides their powerful exoskeleton gained from their transformed state and demonic like abilities. Insectoids are extremely intelligent and have bullet-like speed, reflexes, and the physical power of one-hundred humans. Unlike other species, Insectoids have the ability to block out pain and with no fear of death; a Holhoid will charge in and maul countless soldiers to death before being put down and gleefully choosing its next host. Holhoids are unable to die, once their host is destroyed they are forced back to the Holh where they await a new host one of their brethren have prepared for them. The insectoids are classified in a matriarch system, just like all insects the species is ruled by females. Nihil the deity-like entity relays commands to a Queen amongst Queen’s, who then relays commands to central Queens who command their own legion of workers. This way Insectoids can span a large territory and control its species with a single hive mind. When not in a war state of mind, the individual Insectoids are given free will and allowed to live their normal lives they have assumed after assimilating into society. Insectoids come in many shapes and forms, most share similar insect features within their hive. However, no two hives are the same. As a whole, the majorities of Insectoids are carnivores and will indiscriminately devour all types of life forms, sentient or not. Due to the physical strain of transforming from human form to Insectoid, the hosts often die after transforming over the years or an insectoid overexerting itself and using the transformation rigorously.


"How does humanity handle something that doesn't really exist, yet poses a threat to our existence? Our conventional solutions of destruction are just what Nihil wants. We must find another way...Eons of conflict have taught us nothing but suffering...No, we must continue to survive, to exist. We are to show the darkness that our light is not so easily snuffed out." - Unknown

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Rather not get bitten by this. Great coloring and linework though! Very nice detail on the saliva and the inside of the mouth.

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lol yeh that drool looks hella infectious, thanks for the compliment!

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You're welcome!
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Prettiest singularity I have ever seen!

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Who or what is that meant to be??
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im not sure , lol some sort of parasite, transformed predatory being i suppose, the comissioner provided that explanatory text i put in but even i'm not too sure of her origins

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I thought it was meant to be ever vore or the ender dragon as a woman
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now that you mention it, that's probably the most fitting placement of what she could be lol

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Yeah Plus people have said the ender dragon is a girl and I’m guessing they are right since there is an egg to that can also fit as well 😂
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