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[JOCT S1E2] Hair styling by StringlessKite [JOCT S1E2] Hair styling by StringlessKite
Cle's application form
the fabulous OC by :iconpsychicmyrddin:
* * *
"Hey! Are you here for a battle?" The voice started Cle, who jumped into the air with a squeal "Haha sorry about that, I thought you were a contestant"
"I... I am" Cle regained her composure and took a breath "but I wasn't going to spar, I'm on my way to the Lumiose hair salon"
"Hey, that sounds fun, may I tag along? Oh by the way, my name is Elika!" The friendly admin reached out her hand and introduced herself with a wide smile.
"I'm Clemence, but feel free to call me Cle" the girl return the smile and handshake "And sure, I would love to go with you"
* * *
The ladies in the hair salon were washing, trimming, styling and spraying the hair. But even though Cle was relaxed, Elika got jittery after a few minutes. And though she looked around (much to the stylist's dismay), tried to uphold a conversation, she was also shaking her leg and her hands were bored too.
"Ummm.... you don't get haircuts often, do you?" Cle asked, a bit worried that she's boring her new acquaintance
"Yea... but... I'm fine, this is cool, haha, well, not much left, right?" Elika definitely had too much energy, and she sprung up the moment the hairdresser let go of her.
* * *
"Oh, so you came back from Alola?" Elika asked Cle on the way back, evidently happy about moving around again.
"Yes, I missed home" Cle admitted, describing all the amazing things she discovered in another region, but also the things she missed. "Like, you know they don't really have classic Sky Battles there?"
Elika immediately jumped on that opportunity: "Well then let's celebrate your return with a classical Sky Battle!"
And though Cle was shocked and hardly had the time to politely refuse, Mie was already out of his Pokeball. He had a determined look on his face and swung his wings around showing readiness for battle
"That's what I'm talking about!!!" Elika summoned her Noivern and the sky battle begun. Mie was really fierce, there was something wild about him ever since Cle made him aware that Jubilee Tournament and him as a Jubilee Pokemon have something in common. First battle, and he is going for the win!
Wings were cuting through the air, and both trainers had good fun... until their flying fighters came down to ground level and totally tangled the freshly styled hair
"Ah... but... I wanted to look great during the first round..." Cle tried her best to tame the mischevious strands of her hair.
"Ahaha, don't worry, it wouldn't even matter coughcough... wear a warm hat tomorrow... coughcough" implied Elika... and the battle continued.
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