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Well I'm done with dA

1 min read
For the moment I have no more interest in deviant art i'll leave it as is for now but I found an interest in tumblr which is a bit more aesthetically pleasing and less annoying in some areas.

thanks for all comments favs and overall niceness.

heres a link to my tumblr
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2 min read
First again I'm sorry I barely respond to anything.
This summer I will be doing all black and white film photography as I go back to my roots at college and learning dark room techniques.


I got an internship at the local newspaper so I will be recounting my experience for my first internship in the journalism business. SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT.

I will be getting back to you soon dA I promise.

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Through The Lens (Break Time) *update*

3 min read
Hey everyone I am a bit overwhelmed lately with math and trying to find a legitimate job. Things have been a little rough so to speak, so I haven't been able to get a look at the 7,000 plus deviations and the 100 plus messages in my inbox. Never the less its just a rough patch once I get through this quarter of college things will cool off in the summer, hopefully I will have a job by then. Hey if you live in or around olympia washington and know any place thats hiring drop me a line. Or you want me to do some photo work for you I think I might try to do that some how. Anyways thanks for all the comments and favs lately that always brightens things.

Take it easy

Nick Strite


I'm still calling it break time I'll check this and respond to notes and inquiries. But these classes are kicking my ass. So as I constantly ponder what I'm doing wrong I continue to strive on. Anyhow you will see a lot more work coming out of me in the coming months as I have decided to reignite the film photographer within and take a black and white dark room class in a college class I am taking this summer. So we shall see what happens I am very excited and hopefully everything works out correctly so I can take this class. After that you will be seeing more and more in the coming months from other classes that I take. Wish me luck

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Through The Lens III (contest update)

8 min read
Hello everybody :D

First off as usual a thank you to all the people who have taken a look at my newest works and have added me to their admirable watch lists and collections I really appreciate it.

:star:(EDIT):star: I WOULD LIKE TO BRING YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS CONTEST :iconph0tobsession: is holding a contest that I think any seasoned photographer should partake in because it is quite interesting its about shadow and not any shadow but shadow in color click this link for more information.

:star:Prizes include a sub:star:…

This week has been the week from hell for me, educationally, it pry won't get much easier either. As well with the job situation that is poor as well. But the weather is getting better so thats a definite upside its currently sunny right now and I'm hoping it holds.

Today I will be featuring 1 per category in my favorites as well as there icons. I will also be discussing an artist that I can't really find too much about anywhere and he's only put out one book Kou Inose.


Mature Content

Maura by Magicc-Imagery
Oldie by Kemulin :iconkemulin:
44kittens - Spring has sprung by Helewidis :iconhelewidis:

Mature Content

come.. by Piratu-oi
:thumb156909884: :iconpolarextremesstudio:
Melbourne After Dark 1 by moviegirl78 :iconmoviegirl78:
:thumb161000389: :iconbenniao:
hungry child by lalisa-doniho :iconlalisa-doniho:
Temptation by Karisca :iconkarisca:
telescope eyes by jyoujo :iconjyoujo:
My hungry death... by MidnightDirge :iconmidnightdirge:
Please visit these deviants pages and take a look at their lovely galleries.
My artist of is Kou Inose. Seriously I know nothing about this guy, all I know is he takes intense photos and has put out 1 or 2 books that all are awesome and I want them. I found him in the documentary about Nobuyoshi Araki.

Here is some of his work

I found this all on a japanese

Thanks for checking out my journal and the fine artists I've featured. Please if you haven't check out my gallery….
Have a great weekend and week.

Till Next Saturday

Keep shooting
Nick Strite

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Through The Lens II

11 min read
Hi, Hello World

First off Thank you everyone who has added me to there watch and been adding my works to their collection I truly appreciate.

Also good news I took third and ninth for my whiskers photos in the whiskers competition thank you so much to the people who voted for me Lucy Whiskers by Strikethecamera Zelda Whiskers by Strikethecamera :D. Also thank you to the the art museum for picking one of my recession project pictures for the human project winner Recession Project 4 by Strikethecamera

This week I'll be showing you another favorite well known photographer through the world, the wonderful, inspiring photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. Of course I'll be featuring some of my favorites this week. I will also be ranting about how much I've been listening to DJ Krush this week. :#1:  I would also like to apologize for not being able to take a look at all the deviations that are currently sitting in my inbox, I've been stacked with homework and other crap. Anyhow hopefully I will be able to get to it sometime soon.


Outside the Metal Ring by RoxNebres   dimon. by natucya
Fucking milk by RauchBleich early marriage by kudrett
Siberian Huskies 1628 by Sooper-Husky Schatje by Lionique
happiness by PartisanX :thumb139338964:

Mature Content

Summer Over by kevissimo
:thumb133346084: city new day.. by tarekjajeh
Six Feet Under p.5 by innaford   Luke 5 by bubus666
Dark Bubbles by jvrichardson  :thumb160274820:
Step In The Arena by JonhyBlaze skyscaper from inside by BBilly
white lightning by iacobvasile :thumb148798801:
Mayday by MartinLundsvoll Hangzhou by Kemulin

Please take a look at all these wonderful works and the artists galleries :D.
Henri Cartier Bresson (August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004)

Onto one of personal heroes Henri Cartier-Bresson.

One of the websites featuring…

He has inspired my work and my major in photojournalism and art itself. The master french photographer started the legendary photography agency magnum and pushed the boundaries of photography in his day. He was a master at his craft and could do it all as most photojournalists are required to do. His work has been seen all over and you most likely have seen it and didn't know. His black and whites truly are a thing to behold and I hope you love his work as much as I do.


My playlist this week has consisted entirely of DJ Krush.

This is music to shoot by seriously. Hip hop, mellow, mixes, original pieces. He did the whole soundtrack to my favorite documentary Arakimentari about Nobuyoshi Araki. Seriously check all his stuff out especially his album "Jaku" "Holonic The Self Megamix" and "Kakusei". He does great collab work to. Fantastic Stuff. He brings japanese taste and sound with hip hop and beats.

official website


Thanks for everyones support I really do appreciate it. We say thank you too much here on deviant art and it feels like it becomes false to me like numbing insincerity. But it really does mean a lot to get input, comments and all the love.

P.S. Take a look at my girlfriends fabulous new tattoo

Michele's Neuron Tattoo by Strikethecamera

Have a great week! :D

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