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Hello to all my friends and watchers! :D (Big Grin)

So I recently made a review of the Jurassic World Evolution. Click here to see the journal entry I made of the review. 

Jurassic World: Evolution ReviewHello to all my fans and watchers! :D (Big Grin)
For the past month and a half, I've been pretty much been sucked into playing the recently released and highly anticipated Jurassic World Evolution game. And after weeks of nonstop playing, I've finally finished the game and unlocked every dinosaur in the game as well as managed to get a 5-Star rating on each island I have a park on. Seeing as how I'm pretty much finished with this game until some future DLC comes out adding new features and/or hopefully new dinosaurs, I figured I'd make a review of the game and share how I felt it was. 
But before we get into the review, I'd first like to give a little background info as to how I will be judging the game. 
Now Jurassic World Evolution is the kind of game I've been wanting to play for a very long time. This came not only from years of watching the JP films and from being an overall Dinosaur nerd but from years watching people play the last JP T

Normally I choose to not make these kinds of lists of possible additions to the game. Primarily because I don’t want to become too attached to them and get my hopes up in the off chance the things I wanted to be being in the game don't end up being added at all. 

Now before I go over the choices I have made for this list, I just want to go over a set of rules I made for myself during my decision-making process. 

1) All of the choices I made for this list are DINOSAURS. No Pterosaurs or marine reptiles for this list. The obvious reason being is that they're more than likely going to be added in as a DLC in the future. So no point in wasting spots on this list when they're more than likely going to be added into the game. I also did not add any Synapsids and Therapsid like Dimetrodon or any Gorgonopsid to the list. Primarily because not only are they not dinosaurs but they also did not live in the same time period as dinosaurs (Pterosaurs and marine reptiles get a pass on that because they all did despite not being Dinosaurs). After all, it's called JURASSIC Park not Permian or Paleozoic Park. Even though a majority of the dinosaurs in both the films and the games are technically from the Cretaceous and not the Jurassic, the point is they're all from the Mesozoic era. If we started making crazy exceptions like adding creatures from before the time of the dinosaurs, then things would get out of hand really quickly. Soon enough you wouldn't even be able to call the game or even the series Jurassic Park anymore. 

2) I wanted to be as realistic as I could with the choices I made. By which I mean that the Dinosaurs I chose are ones I could best see being rendered and given digital models of in the game. Now take a step out of dreamland and the realm of possibilities and remember that the reality of it all is that digital modeling is a very long and rigorous process. You don’t want to give animators something that turns out to be too much to animate or something that’s very difficult to animate otherwise it’s likely not gonna turn out well in the final product of the game. And an important thing to note is that development of the game itself was actually rushed by Universal due to the anticipation of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so Frontier was forced to release the game earlier than they wanted. Now they've still got a lot of work to do and we can only hope that they'll finish the game with future updates and patches. Because of all this, I wanted to make my choices as realistic as possible so I don't get my hopes up. So I'll let you know right now, I didn't add Therizinosaurus to this list. Because its appearance is so drastically different from any other species of dinosaur in the game, Frontier would have to go and create a whole new model for it as well as a bunch of animations for it such as how it walked, ran, ate, drank water, how it fought with other dinosaurs and how it would look whenever it won and whenever it lost. Like I said, this sort of thing would take quite a while for Frontier to animate, especially since Therizinosaurus would likely move and act differently from the other dinosaurs in the game. But hey, for all I know, they could still do it and actually release Therizinosaurus in a future DLC. That being said, I'm not gonna get my hopes up since I find it unlikely that they'll be able to. It's not necessarily Frontier's fault, it's just that Therizinosaurus is a very tough dinosaur to create a model of than animate for the game. 

3) Probably the biggest rule I made for myself is making sure that in addition to choosing species I felt would be easy to animate into the game was also making sure that they were still relatively unique on their own. Meaning I didn’t choose any species that already have near identical cousins in the game. For example, I didn’t add Carcharodontosaurus to this list since we already have its South American cousin Giganotosaurus already in the game. With this in mind, I tried to make sure that the dinosaurs I chose were around the size of ones that are already in the game. 


-Dryosaurus (or any Hypsilophodont)
Dryosaurus by Strikerprime
We got a couple good small herbivores in JW Evolution already, from the dome-headed Pachycephalosaurs to the fleet-footed Ornithomimids. But I feel as though we need a couple more. I felt a Hypsilophodont such as Dryosaurus or Othnielia would be an ideal candidate for another small herbivore in the game. Maybe even a 
Leaellynasaura so we can have another Austrailian Dinosaur. I can understand why it'd seem like an unnecessary addition given how we already have several species of fast running Ornithomimids. But we had both Gallimimus and Dryosaurus available in Jurassic Park Operation: Genesis, so there's really no reason we couldn't both in the same game again. Either way, it'd be great to see one of these little guys sprinting around in Jurassic World Evolution. 

-Another Ceratopsian like Pachyrhinosaurus or Centrosaurus
Pachyrhinosaurus by StrikerprimeCentrosaurus by Strikerprime

Now we got a crap ton of ceratopsian or horned dinosaurs in JW Evolution. But something I noticed is that a majority of the Ceratopsian dinosaurs in the game are in the subfamily Chasmosaurinae and just two species in the game are in the subfamily Centrosaurinae. Now if you're wondering what difference does it make, allow me to explain. Chasmosaurine Ceratopsians were known for having large neck frills and a large pair of brow horns, while Centrosaurine Ceratopsians had very prominent nasal horns and shorter neck frills that were typically adorned with spikes or spines. The Centrosaurine Ceratopsians had some very interesting headgear, and I feel Frontier could easily add a species or two from this subfamily. Probably the best candidate I can see being added is Pachyrhinosaurus, as it actually didn't have a horn at all but instead had a bony nasal boss. In fact, Pachyrhinosaurus was originally going to be featured in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom but ended up getting replaced by Sinoceratops. So hopefully with that in mind, Frontier goes back and adds another Centrosaurine Ceratopsian to the roster of horned dinosaurs we already have in the game as I'd love to see more of them. 

Iguanodon by Strikerprime
Iguanodon is a Dinosaur that needs little introduction. To many, they likely recognize it as Aladar from Disney's Dinosaur. For others, Iguanodon is best known as being one of the first Dinosaurs ever discovered by mankind. Since its discovery in 1825, our idea of what we thought Iguanodon looked like in life has changed over the course of history as our study and understanding of dinosaurs continued over time. At first, we believed it to pretty much be a gigantic quadruped lizard or iguana (hence its name) with a small horn on its nose. Later we interpreted Iguanodon as having a bipedal and upright posture similar to that of a kangaroo, it was at this point that we realized that Iguanodon's supposed nasal horn was in actuality a spike on its thumbs. Now in the present, we interpret Iguanodon as being a dinosaur that spent most of its time walking on all four legs but could shift and run on just its hind legs. So Iguanodon has had quite the design change in the near two centuries since its discovery and it is because of its fame that I feel it should be included in Jurassic World Evolution. We already have a surplus of Hadrosaur or Duck-billed dinosaurs in the game, so why not add another Ornithopod, or more specifically an Iguanodontid. We technically already have Muttaburrasaurus in the game it actually isn't an Iguanodontid, it is a Rhabdodontid which is a close cousin. In terms of a digital model; Frontier could just take the Muttaburrasaurus model and slim down its big nose, add a thumb spike (maybe add a row of quills going down its back to give it the aesthetic of an iguana), and you've pretty much got yourself an Iguanodon. It'd be great to see one of the very first dinosaurs ever discovered finally introduced in the Jurassic Park series. 

Ouranosaurus by Strikerprime
Ouranosaurus was a close relative of Iguanodon, and while I said I wasn't going to be picking dinosaurs that had close cousins in the game (even though Iguanodon isn't even in the game), Ouranosaurus is a special case. This special case being that Ouranosaurus has a feature that helps distinguish it from other Iguanodontids, a gigantic sail on its back. Very much like Spinosaurus, Ouranosaurus had a large sail on its back that was likely use to help control its body temperature. People who have played Jurassic Park Operation: Genesis will remember Ouranosaurus as it was one of the species in that game. So it is because of the distinct sail on its back and with its previous appearance in a Jurassic Park tycoon game that I hope Frontier goes ahead and adds Ouranosaurus in a future DLC. 

-AmargasaurusSaltasaurus, or Shunosaurus
Amargasaurus by StrikerprimeSaltasaurus by StrikerprimeShunosaurus by Strikerprime
I really can't complain about the long-necked sauropods we got in Jurassic World Evolution, all of them are huge and all of them are fantastic. I especially love that the JP series has finally added Diplodocus and that its design in the game looks near identical to the one used in the well-known BBC documentary series Walking With Dinosaurs. But something interesting that I came to realize is that all of the sauropods in the game are from the Jurassic period. What's more is that with the exception of Mamenchisaurus, all of them lived in a specific region of western North America at the exact same time. So that got me thinking, should Frontier decide to add another long-neck to the game, what if they were to add one from a different era like the Cretaceous? But since Sauropods can be so big and require lots of space, maybe they could go with a species that's smaller than the giants of the Jurassic, yet still visually appealing. One option they can do is Amargasaurus, a relatively small sauropod that had 
two parallel rows of tall spines running down its neck and back. Another option could be Saltasaurus, a small sauropod but one that had bony osteoderms covering its body like armor presumably for protection against predators. One final option they could use for a small sauropod could be Shunosaurus, while it is technically from the Jurassic period, Shunosaurus stands out among all other long-necks in that it possessed a spiky club at the end of its tail. Perhaps if they used Shunosaurus, they could actually give it a combat animation since it'd be small enough to be able to fight with other dinosaurs. Either sauropod with such distinguishing features would be very interesting to see if Frontier were to add them to Jurassic World: Evolution.


Albertosaurus by Strikerprime
Now while I said I didn’t choose any species that have near identical cousins in the game, I decided to make a sole exception when it came to the Tyrannosaur family. And that is primarily because T-Rex was the largest species of Tyrannosaur, so I felt it would be interesting to have a smaller member of the Tyrannosaur family in the game. Now my personal choice would be Albertosaurus because not only did it previously appear in Jurassic Park Operation: Genesis, but it was both smaller and sleeker than T-Rex which means it was much faster. Though I suppose Gorgosaurus or any of the smaller Tyrannosaurs could work in the game as well. Except maybe Daspletosaurus, primarily because it was relatively stockier than the other small Tyrannosaurs so it'd be like just having a smaller T-Rex (at least Albertosaurus is smaller and sleeker in terms of body proportions). If Frontier were to add another carnivorous dinosaur to their roster in JW Evolution, my biggest hope is that they'll add a smaller cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Acrocanthosaurus by Strikerprime
Acrocanthosaurus is another Dinosaur that appeared back in Jurassic Park Operation: Genesis that I hope gets added in a future DLC of JW Evolution. While it does belong to the same family as Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus, Acro does have enough distinguishing features that could help it stand out in the game. The first being that it was not as big as either 
Giganotosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus, and another being Acrocanthosaurus possessed a row of tall neural spines going down its body (which was its most distinguishing feature). Frontier chose a lot of Dinosaurs with unusual features for their game, so hopefully, Acrocanthosaurus lucks out and ends up in a future DLC of the game. It is also my hope that they also make it capable of killing Sauropods. I mentioned in my review of the game that I dislike the fact that no carnivore in the game can kill a sauropod (save for one, the Indominus Rex), and that it was my hope that they make a patch that they could make at least one or two species capable of killing them. Acrocanthosaurus could be another should they decide to add it, since we know for a fact it lived alongside sauropods and have evidence of it hunting them. 

Troodon by Strikerprime
While Frontier made a lot of different carnivorous Dinosaurs for Jurassic World: Evolution, they actually only made three small carnivores. Deinonychus, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor are the game's only small carnivores. So it'd be pretty cool to see if Frontier were to add any more to the game. One interesting option they could add is Troodon, as it has actually already appeared in a Jurassic Park game before (just not in Operation: Genesis). It first appeared in Jurassic Park: The Game (real original title) as a very deadly and highly intelligent nocturnal species that were enough to even scare Dilophosaurus and Velociraptors. Their appearance was just as ominous as their nature as the Troodons bred by InGen possessed large bulbous almost buglike eyes that gave them night vision. In addition, Jurassic Park's Troodons possessed a venomous bite that was capable of inducing convulsions and seizures onto a victim and later total paralysis and brain death if the victim is not treated. Female Troodon will actually retrieve the bodies of bite victims then rip them open to lay their eggs inside of them. The victim's body heat help incubate the eggs and the victim itself also acts as food for the baby Troodon when they hatch. Truly one of Jurassic Park's most horrifying dinosaurs. Now we're obviously not going to be able to see Troodon be able to do all of those horrifying things if Frontier decided to add it to the game, but it'd still be cool to see them though. Maybe they could even give them very low comfort levels like some of the larger carnivores so that they're more prone to try and break out of their enclosures. C'mon Frontier, LEGO Jurassic World had the stones to add Troodon to their game as a playable Dinosaur, there's no reason you can't do the same!

Herrerasaurus by Strikerprime
Herrerasaurus is the last Dinosaur I feel should be added to Jurassic World: Evolution as another potential small carnivore addition. Like Troodon, Herrerasaurus initially appeared in Jurassic Park: The Game although it had a minor appearance and only showed up once in the game. But the main reason I feel it should be in the game is mainly of how it is from the Triassic period and was one of the first Dinosaurs to evolve. Interestingly enough, there is not a single Dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution or one that has appeared in any of the JP films that is from the Triassic Period. And even if we were to have just one dinosaur from the Triassic appear in the game, I'd say Herrerasaurus is the ideal candidate. 

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy! ^_^

Note: I do not own any of the images used for this list. 

Is there a Dinosaur that you want to see in the game that wasn't listed here? Leave a comment below! 
And to make things interesting, list anything that IS NOT a Pterosaur Aviary or Aquatic DLC.  


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Hello to all my watchers! And to anyone else who just happens to come across my art or this page. While my artwork or stories might seem inferior to some other stuff you've probably seen on DeviantArt. I am just grateful for people taking an interest or even a look at what I've posted. If you do like my work and want to see or read more, then by all means feel free to leave a comment and add me to your watch list.

Here's a list of what my artwork will generally consist of:
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I'm a college student, so I won't be on 24/7.

Thanks again to everyone and anyone who likes my work!


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DJHiryu508 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2018
Hey, I started running a slightly different set on my Ribombee and I wanna know what you think of it. I call it the annoying imp.

EVs: 252 speed/252 special attack/4 special defense
Shield dust
Focus sash

-Pollen puff

This set is geared more towards support than anything else in doubles. I swapped out sticky web in favor of tailwind to have more of an immediate speed advantage as opposed to sticky web in exchange for it only working for a few turns, but given the rest of my team like flare blitz Incineroar and Water spout mega Blastoise 4 turns of a speed buff is all I need. I figured it was a better idea to try and boost my own team rather than cripple the opponents. The other moves there are pretty self explanatory. Moonblast for dealing the bulk of damage, pollen puff for keeping the partners in fighting shape, but mostly for patching up Incineroar for flare blitz spam/a heal on the U-turn and for getting the most out of mega Blastoise's cataclysmic water spouts, and protect so you can stall out the tailwind, potentially set up another one before you die and maybe even draw attacks to you since a smart player typically wants to get rid of the team buffer/cleric first.
Strikerprime Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Student
I’d say that set works very well.

Never realized how much of a support cleric Ribombee can be since teaming up with Lillie at the Battle Tree Multi battles.
DJHiryu508 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018
Well now I have concrete evidence that this team setup is not only good, its absolutely FANTASTIC, maybe even VGC material. How? My one team, my ONE FUCKING TEAM that I never swapped out in the battle tree of Incineroar, Ribombee, Excadrill and Mega Blastoise, carried me all the way from battle 17 in the battle battle 50. And I WON. In an unstopping gauntlet without ever changing it up or even changing the leads. And keep in mind that at a certain point the battle tree eventually starts putting together teams specifically MEANT to destroy yours if you don't quit and I still steamrolled them.

There's just one thing missing from my team though, and it pains me to say it, but I gotta let my Chesnaught go and replace him with regenerator Tangrowth. Problem is, I don't HAVE anything from the Tangrowth line with its hidden ability. I need to replace Chesnaught as my main tank since 1: Fighting types just aren't that good anymore in such a fairy heavy meta and 2: While its signature move is good and defenses are great, that 4x weakness to flying seriously hurts and its ability is situational at best. Tangrowth's HA is incredible for tanking, and gets moves like giga drain and synthesis to help.

Think you can hook me up with a regenerator Tangela/Tangrowth? I've got a level 100 timid Galvantula for trade.
Strikerprime Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018  Student
It's when the Battle Tree starts putting together teams specifically MEANT to destroy the one you're using after a bunch of battles that I go and swap out the Pokemon I'm using with something else (even if I can overcome what they use to counter my team, that can only go so far). But props to you for still steamrolling through them.

I mean, Fighting-types are still pretty prevalent since they're the only things that can stop bulky Normal-types like Snorlax and Eviolite Chansey. That being said, the amount of Fairies in the metagame have influenced what ones are used (it's for that reason most Fighting, Dark, and Dragon-types run a Steel or Poison-type move), and slow defensive ones like Chesnaught find it difficult to keep pace with a lot Fairy-types that can outspeed it (same goes for the Flying-types that can threaten it with x4 damage). Sure Breloom has the same problems, but what's keep it around is that its one of the few Pokemon with access to Spore, higher speed, and has a good and versatile movepool that coincides with its Technician ability. Very few Flying-types can handle a Technician-boosted Rock Tomb and especially don't like it when their speed is lowered. 

But yeah, Tangrowth makes an amazing tank due to its defenses and hidden ability. Not to mention its movepool (since its stats enable to function as a mixed attacker!), its one of the few Grass-types out there that can learn Earthquake, which allows it to hurt Steel-types that typically don't have anything to worry about from Grass-types. You could go as far as running Leaf Storm on Tangrowth since it's not gonna mind the special attack drop because you'll be swapping it out soon enough so that it can restore some health with Regenerator. 

I can provide you with a Regenerator Tangela. Though if you still have your ORAS games, you can find them on Mirage Forests and Mirage Islands.
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