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Pony commission.

UPDATE: The pony at the bottom left is an OC pony from the commission-er.
Pony was based on his dog, (a black lab).
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Fallout:Equestria!!! It's LittlePip, Calamity, Velvet Remedy, and Xenith. Oh, and shouldn't forget about Steelhooves. Then Princess Celestia and Luna, then an OC?
That green mane looks a bit wierd. 
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Message from Kkat:

I love this!  :happybounce:

I've even used this image as a header for my latest blog.  :D
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why do i have the urge to "find" the project horizons one and pink eyes ones and have the ultimate battle ;)
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wow little pip most have gotten a growth spurt, bigger than valvet now ;) but other than that amazing art work.
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I love her mane
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Hmm, this is adorable... and creepy. I can easily imagine that these figurines are living ponies, trapped by powerful magic.
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well never say you want to live forever near killer joke ;)
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Applesnack looks so badass in his armor/himself. And Velvet it's staring at calamity's plot  :3

I also bet Littlepip (Best OC ever) would look more happy if Homage was near her. Doing things.
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That top row is the most important.
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They all look pretty good, but I gotta admit, that unknown (at least by me) pony on the bottom left is actually looking cooler than the FoE figures.
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who is the black pony in the bottom left?
this makes me think of The Indian in the Cupboard.
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Hey kid, could you look over there for a se-
*hits over head and steals FoE figurines*
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