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Overbite 2

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Colored version here.

Dunno what HASBRO was thinking at the time,
but I've never like this odd hotpink and purple color scheme that some of the Seacons have.

I really think that the Seacons would have all looked better if they had all been colored in the bluegreen/grey/black color scheme used only on Seawing and Nautilator.

...but hey.

Like Skalor, I actually had this guys original toy to work from.
But I took a bit more liberty with Overbite's robot design than I did with Skalor.

For those of you not familiar with the Seacons,
they all shared what I considered to be a great design flaw....
That being: most of the character's beastmode front limbs would just STAY WHERE THEY WERE.
These really cool looking robot body parts did not fold in,
or transform into any other part of their robot body forms at all.
Said limbs would kind of just stick out the back or bottom whenever the character was in robot mode.
I considered this a true waste of some (again) really cool looking robot body parts.
(only and artist....or mechanic....would say something like this).

I decided to make more creative use of his front beastmode arms,
and turned them into his robo-from legs from the knees on down.
The original design had his beast-hind legs become his robot-arms.
I kept in with this part, but altered it a bit so that he can use his beast claw "toes" as Predator/Wolverine-like weapons

Overbite's head and face was kind of plain/generic looking.
Which for most (but not all) gestalt/combiner teams, is the norm.
In keeping with the Predator motif, I decided to liven up his face a little,
by giving him a mouth with big upper and lower fangs/tusks.

(Ironically....this kinda makes him look like he's got a really big UNDERbite).

When drawing his beast mode,
I remembered that he seems to share his "LandShark" beastmode form with another Decepticon.
The Terrorcon named: RipperSnapper also has a "LandShark" beastmode form that looks very similar.
Because of this,
I really was considering altering Overbite's "LandShark" design
into something like a Hammerhead shark type head instead.
But this kind of made him a little unrecognizable as the character.
So I dumped that idea in favor of staying with his existing beastmode.

(But I also really liked the idea of the Hammerhead LandShark form....If I ever do a set of Terrorcons here, I think I may use it on RipperSnapper instead).

The Seacons have never really been one of my favorite teams,
but when I heard that they were being re-released in a new set,
(which came out a few months ago...shows you how lazy I am)
I thought that I'd like take a crack at them.

Except for Snaptrap, I never liked the way ANY of their robot forms looked.
Dunno what it was....I just thought they were lame.
Their Beast Modes on the other hand were great looking,
and this was the only reason I had bought a few of these guys.

When I did pics of the Preadcons and the Dinobots here on DA,
(check my gallery please)
there were some comments asking about their alternate/beast modes which I never drew.
(I still may in the future, but I just haven't yet).
So I decided to draw both modes at the same time here.
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Hehe It is a unusual colour to have on Decepticons but somehow it blends in together which I like. This is con is my favourite out of the group and I think you did him justice though I would of like to have see the tail used in some way. Otherwise it's fantastic work and the redesign reminds me of Predator.