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Kate Bishop X Reader - Hero For Hire Part 2
Kate Bishop X Reader
Kate tied her hair up in a neat bun, she slipped off her loose spaghetti strap shirt and began to grab her freshly prepared suit, she ran her fingers over the zipper giving a light smile as she finally put it on. Kate was feeling a bit airy at the moment, the day had been nice beginning with her waking up early enough to make a good breakfast, her favorite movie was on TV, shed done a few chores, even after a quick lunch she was able to fit in a refreshing nap.
She had been awakened by the chime of her cellphone ringing, expecting it to be maybe Clint or America, it turned out to be her mot recent client (Name). Kate had almost forgotten that you planned to meet her at the research lab around 9:30, she had a 2 hours but she wanted to be ready and give herself time to get the correct directions and get there early to avoid being late to one of her few jobs.
Kate zipped up her suit and then headed over to her closet, she pulled out two cases and began to remove sever
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 6 0
Mysterious Violinist 3 - Rose x Female Reader
Rose x Female Reader
Rose was having trouble carrying your weight, she'd been walking for what seemed like forever and she was growing tired, but thankfully she finally found a makeshift shelter, one of the many she had scattered throughout the realms of the underworld.
She'd been here over 15 years, she had carefully and meticulously planned her escape in that time, but she came to the conclusion in the past two years this plan could not be accomplished alone.
While she had gained some companions throughout her stay they were to fickle to face death himself, she needed something as sturdy as flesh and blood.
So she had awaited someone to enter the auditorium she was forced to be attached to due to her unfortunate accident.
You were definitely not the first to enter in all the time she had haunted it, but you were the first one she had the idea to use manipulative magics on, the rest she just tried to serenade and convince but most ran away screaming, she still felt a bit upset sh
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 6 1
Kate Bishop X Reader - Hero For Hire Part 1
Kate Bishop X Reader - Hero For Hire
You picked up a flier from beneath your feet with 2 stubs already removed from it, you felt as if your luck was coming to an end so it wouldn't hurt to pull a hail mary and call the number displayed.
(No Joke)
Wrongs Righted,Bad Guys Beaten
No Crime Too Small To Crack, No Villain to Villainous to Vilify
The flier seemed appealing to your situation as your eyes ran over it as you waited for the 'Hero' to pick up their phone.
"Yes hello, um, i'm inquiring about your flier..? Its really not a joke?"
"No joke! I'm pretty sure i put it on there..But yes, i'm your hero for hire, tell me the task and we can negotiate a price."
You chuckled over how excited the feminine voice sounded, work must've been slow lately.
"Alright, Anywhere you'd like to meet miss...?"
"Bishop, I'm Kate Bishop, at your service."
You met Kate in a nice smoothie place, the more desert side of Los Angeles was really
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 3 0
Meulin redraw by stridersgonnastride4 Meulin redraw :iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 18 3
Dirk Strider x Reader-Get into the holiday spirit!
Dirk X Reader
You huffed as you poked a ornament hanging from (Name)'s tree, they were currently busy being the cheeriest kid around as they baked and made enough hot chocolate to drown a man.
You smiled, they were making so much because you later planned to go out with your friends and give back to the needy by giving out blankets, toiletries and as (Name) was preparing some holiday treats.
You were so glad to have someone like them in your life, but they were a Christmas fanatic while you didn't care much for the holiday.
"Dirk why don't you throw on a movie or come help me? You look so bored."
You sighed and decided not getting the way of their whirlwind of mixing and pouring and popped in a film.
Die Hard.
It was one of the more action driven Christmas movies so you did somewhat like it but you were still a bit detached at the moment.
Christmas had always been another day for you, your brother being some big shot movie director you always got some bitching presents, but you al
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 22 2
Gary smith X Reader 3- Halloween
Gary smith x reader 3 - Halloween
You looked outside your dorm, everything seemed to be just fine, small pranks were pulled, costumes worn and candy exchanged.
While your fellow student body got  into the Halloween spirit you'd be doing it up your way.
It's normal but you were doing something big, usually you'd just get a simple costume and hang with Petey, if he was preoccupied you'd hit up Johnny and the boys, but if they were taken up too you'd just stay in.
But this year you had plans with the new kid, Jimmy Hopkins.
Jimmy was currently finishing up a 'mission' with Gary, the kid was practically in a Nazi get up, the only way he got it under the radar was he removed the swatiskas, probably much to his dismay.
Jimmy said he'd be getting you as soon as he got back so you had to get ready quickly.
You grabbed the hockey mask he had tossed to you a few hours before, you chuckled remembering earlier today as you strapped it on.
You had been studying in th
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 16 10
Gary smith X Reader 2 -The Plan
Gary smith x Reader part 2- The plan
Jimmy had been around a little while, you had been hanging out in the boys television room with Petey a bit more often.
Jimmy stopped by talked to you two every now and again.
Sometimes Gary would be there as well, the two would interact usually exchanging spiteful words or Gary asking Jimmy to go do him a favor.
You were sitting on the couch watching some PBS documentary Pete suggested for you to watch for the class you were failing, you were so bored!
Gouging your eyes out would be more entertaining then this old man droning on about this topic.
You felt the couch cousions shift, you looked to your side, Gary sat his arm nonchalntly thrown over the top edge of the couch "Oh its just you."
He nodded at your
acknowledgement, you sat in silence for a bit the only sound was the scratching of your paper as you took loose paper notes and the show.
He finally got fed up and responded with an outburst.
"Gauuugh how can you watch this educational crap."
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 6 1
Gary smith X Reader 1 - New Kid
Gary smith x Reader part 1 - New kid
It was regular day in the hell hole of a school Bullworth academy for you. It wasn't too long into the year and there was word floating around of a new student to come.
You were sitting on the steps when you saw a car pull in at the gates, you were supposed to be in class but seeing who the new person was seemed more worth your time then biology.
A blonde boy with a buzz cut stepped out of the vehicle.
He looked pissed but also melancholy.
He seemed to be saying something as the car sped off then was, you suspected, hauled off to Crabblesnitch.
"(N-name)! Uh I think we need to go...."
You looked behind you to see Petey, you were quite surprised that he wasn't in class he was very punctual.
But it seemed one of the few friends you had waited out for you
"Sorry for makin you late Pete...just seein the new kid."
He nodded and gave you a weak smile
"Well uh, let's go."
You stood up and slung an arm lazily around your meek friend as you headed to class w
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 7 0
Hal x Reader- I need you to know
Hal xReader - I need you to know
(Name) smiled as she threw on her cardigan and headed outside, she quickly got her bike from the garage and hopped on, pedaling at a relaxed and steady pace just liking how the breeze felt against her face.
(Name) was quite happy, today her boyfriend Hal said he had a surprise for her, she always loved his surprises.
Hal was a great guy, he could be a bit cocky and sometimes rude but (Name) couldn't help but love his little quirks, like his fear of water or his stuttering problem, he was a tech student so she liked to tease him by calling it his "Glitches" he always got flustered when she did so.
(Name) also liked Hal's family, like his twin brother Dirk, he didn't seem to like Hal much but the two seemed very similar when she met then a few years back, Dirk had changed but Hal remained well, Hal.
She quickly brought her bike to a stop infront of the apartment building, Hal lived in a new complex that had been built recently, (Name) walked right around
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 31 5
Billy Kaplan/ Wiccan x Male!Reader - What You Want
Billy stared blankly at his bedroom wall, he had just gotten out of his Wiccan costume, his cape splayed across the floor, his suit flung on a nearby chair, he didn't truly care at the moment.
As he changed into some laying about clothes, he thought about the years events.
After all the parasite and demiurge event, things seemed to be going great for him and his boyfriend Teddy.
But it all started going down hill and fast, even though Teddy had reassured him Billy just knew that the whole possibility that he may have dreamed him up still bothered him.
He kept denying it but Billy being as stubborn as he is poked and pried until Teddy had just about enough.
They had met for coffee a week prior, and decided to go their seperate ways for now as they'd done before when this problem came up.
Billy felt a bit cheated, he just wanted things to go back to how they were, happy and loving.
But he quickly caught himself, thoughts like that could just bring Teddy back to him, but he didn't want hi
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 32 2
Jason Grace x Reader - Storm
Jason grace x Reader - Storm
You were definitely a lover of the rain but not this sort.
(Name)'s POV
You felt the light drizzle against your skin, it was quite lovely.
You were in the middle of the woods, you we're just blowing off some steam on some monsters when the light drizzle came.
The smell of the damp bark of the trees just relaxed you, you ignored the warnings of dryads to find shelter, you'd done this a million times, you'd be fine.
The rain soon got harder, you tried to head back to camps weather proof boarders but a large gust of wind pushed you up against a tree.
You realized that you were caught in a fairly nasty storm, you tried crawling to the shelter of a rock, it covered you just enough to let you up from the wind but the storm made it almost impossible for you to find the way you came from from camp.
You prayed to your godly parent, hoping they would keep you safe or at least in mind through this.
The wind kept picking up, the cold rain blew against you now feeling l
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 48 14
Nico di Angelo x Male! reader - Quest
Nico di angelo x Male! Reader
(Name)'s POV
You knocked softly on the hotels bathroom door "You finished di angelo?"
You heard a grunt and a scruffy son of Hades shuffled out of the bathroom in his pajamas.
You laughed because you didn't think he'd even wear skull pajamas which you were right but they were little ghosts and you just found that twice as funny plus cute.
Now to clear up any confusion you were currently resting in a hotel in Toronto, you and Ghost King here were on a quest.
Nico's dad had asked him to find some seeds for his queen, Persephone's, garden. Now originally Nico was going to go alone thinking it would be a simple task but his father advised he at least bring one companion.
You weren't expecting him to knock on your cabin door and tell you to pack but you did anyway, you liked hanging out with Nico and him being constantly away and all why not tag along this time?
You didn't realize you'd be going to Canada, the place was freezing you needed two coats and a hat b
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 151 7
Tadashi HamadaxReader -One couldn't hurt,could it?
Tadashi Hamada X Reader
-Before events of Big Hero 6-
You sighed as you finally finished baking the last batch of cookies.
You had made about 3 dozen now and you would be distributing them among your classmates tomorrow to hand out.
Your name is (F/N) (L/N) and tomorrow you'd begin the motivation college course.
The course was meant for you to go to other colleges and cheer up tired and weary students before and after exams, keep them motivated, give them cookies and even some advice, you were quite excited.
Next day.
The he bus the school had rented stopped in front of a large building 'San Fransokyo institute of Technology'
You smiled, the building looked quite lovely and you hoped you could really brighten the students day today.
A man stood outside and waved to you all, your human studies professor greeted him with a handshake and he began to greet your small group.
"Welcome students! I'm professor Callaghan, I'm very glad your program has decided to stop by my school first this ye
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 55 9
Thalia grace x Reader - One sided
Thalia grace x Reader - one sided
You watched at the borders of the camp as the hunters came close to Thalia's old tree fighting off some monsters.
Thalia in action, gosh just seeing her shooting her arrows and leading the hunters, you'd never thought she could be more beautiful.
She glew with a radiant sense of power, she looked over to you and waved signaling she wanted you to come closer.
"(Name)! It's so good to see you!"
Thalia gave you a tight hug, you two had been friends a while now and she had been gone since last Christmas, you tried to keep the hug going on as long as possible.
The hunters would be camping out in the Artemis cabin for about a week, making plans for some adventure lady Artemis would be awaiting to go on with them at a certain check point but there would be tasks to fulfill beforehand.
Thalia had asked you to meet her on the beach, she had something important to tell you, you felt excited but told yourself not to get to excited, hunters had an oath to be
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 10 0
Nico di angelo x Reader- I didn't mean it
He never meant for it to happen.
Falling for you.
He'd never even liked speaking to you that much, he was always plagued by himself and all the events in his life that made him feel so broken inside.
After he'd finally tried to figure himself out, he somehow ended up confiding in you of all people about his old crush on Percy and how it still bothered him that he'd never told him.
You helped him you were nice and loving almost in a sibling kind of way but he couldn't bring himself to see you that way as easily as many others probably could.
He learned to like you, tolerate you more likely but he could still somewhat enjoy you're presence it was comforting at times just to know you were there, you understood he didn't like to talk much so you didn't try to blabber on but didn't leave him to himself either.
At first when he liked you he was confused, he thought it was just a random thought a feeling that would quickly fade a denial he'd put up before. He felt so weird, he resented you fo
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 112 12
Percy jackson x Reader - Swimming Lessons
Percy X Reader
"Percypleaseohmygodsdontmakemedothisiswearto-" "Woah woah hotshot slow your roll."
You flailed and beat your boyfriend's back as he dragged you out to the camps lake in your swim suit, fellow campers including your siblings snickered watching your struggle.
This all started with the simple notion of Percy asking you to come take a dip with him at the lake, usually you came up with an excuse but it slipped your mind and you bluntly said "I cant swim."
Oh was Percy having none of that, He was a son of Poseidon water was his thing so he couldnt have you one day just drowning, as soon as you said you couldnt swim that became his biggest worry.
Percy finally got you down to the water,he was about waist deep in and you were practically clawing at his shoulders as he held you "(Name) im going to teach you the old fashion way, its the best way its how i learned at least." "YOURE A SON OF POSEIDON EVEN IF YOU COULDNT SWIM YOU CANT DROWN." "True, but youre a child of (Godly parent
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 168 19


Star Wars movie night by JE3 Star Wars movie night :iconje3:JE3 254 9 Mystique Pinup by Sabtastic Mystique Pinup :iconsabtastic:Sabtastic 300 12 Sai watercolor tutorial + brushes, Sai file by bluekomadori Sai watercolor tutorial + brushes, Sai file :iconbluekomadori:bluekomadori 10,257 426
Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 24, Happy, Bloody
Our landing in the dark was not as hard as I had imagined.  The worst part was Quintenn landing on me.  At first I thought my lungs had burst or something, because I couldn’t breathe properly.  But he coughed pretty loud in my ear, and I knew it was him crushing me.  “Quintenn…”  There was so little air in my lungs that I couldn’t even finish my sentence.  I totally forgot about it in a second though.  I was too focused on the strange feeling of knowing that I’m blinking, but the black colour completely surrounding me never changes and now I don’t know if I’m blinking or not-
“Ugh…”  Quintenn groaned right into my ear again.  I felt him roll off of me to my left somewhere.  “We’re in the Underworld.  I can feel it.  Something brought us here.”  His voice is so close.  Then his arm is feeling around for me, grabbing at my
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 20 6
Wild by JE3 Wild :iconje3:JE3 294 13
Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 23, A Sudden Drop
“Look what you’ve done to my son!”
I could barely lift my head to see who the heck was making all that noise.  Apollo speed-walked in my direction, stopping a few times to wave his hands in distress and stutter and heal any wounded with a touch and then keep rushing about.  The sky was noticeably darker, and in the lake behind us bubbled and steamed the golden Jaguar.  I was so weak, drained from whatever Nico had done when he shadow travelled.  It’s like he sapped all my strength instead of his.  A few feet in front of me, Annabeth lay still on the mix of grass and sand.  I crawled my way over to her, grimacing at the pain in my side.  Just as I reached her, Apollo stooped to touch her forehead.  “Just a concussion,” he said, before he none too gently flipped me onto my back and poked some fingers into my wound.  I gasped and almost punched my godly father in the face when I felt a finger probe what I
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 24 4
Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 22, Nyx
When I can think again, the first think that comes to mind is how freaking hot it is.  My skin is prickling with heat and pain, my insides are contorting and aching, my head and lungs are about to explode.  Every breath in is like breathing fire.  It felt like someone with really long, gnarly nails was squeezing my heart as tightly as possible.  So.  Hot.  Is the building burning?  Is Joel here too?
“C’mon…  Please…”  Who is that?  I don’t know.  It’s too hot to tell.  Why would anyone else be in this hellhole?  Suddenly a very cool pressure is applied to my forehead, soothing the insane headache and heat.  But I could swear that my insides were imploding.  I’m panting and sweating and aching and hurting all over and only thinking about Joel, although that voice pleading with me is definitely not his.  For the love of all things holy, why the Hell is it so hot
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 24 8
Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 21, Marsyas
“-and he always knows what to say at the right times.”  Every few minutes during our pursuit of the rest of the crew, I would tell myself that I’m talking way too much about Joel.  Calypso’s ears are probably bleeding.  But I couldn’t help myself.  Some of me thought that, even though I hadn’t been showing signs of forgetting anything about Joel, talking about him would keep him in my brain.
I adjusted my bow and quiver on my shoulder, wishing I could shut my mouth and that my chest would stop aching.  Calypso sighed and tucked a stray hair behind her ear.  “I wish I had a younger brother like yours sometimes,” she said, stretching her arms high.  “He is a little cutie though.  It’s no wonder the nymphs can’t keep their hands off him.”  I felt really bad for Calypso.  She’s such an amazing person to have to get stuck on an island for hundreds of
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 24 4
Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 20, Kymopoleia
It’s my turn to take watch up on deck out in the continuous waterfall of death pouring from the sky and try to keep from being thrown overboard by massive waves.  So I figure I’ll make the most of it: I didn’t have my swimsuit, but I went out in my boxers, quiver and bow strapped over my shoulder.  It’s not like I could actually shoot anything in this weather, but just in case.  Milo suggested I tie myself to the railing so I can haul myself back on board if I fall, but I think that would just help me drown because I’d drag behind the boat.  So I sat on a bench gripping the handrail as tightly as possible, somewhat enjoying the water pelting my skin at a million miles an hour.  The waves were crazily high, crashing against the side of the boat like icy hands swatting an annoying bug.  Every once in a while I found myself smiling at just how amazing this was.  I never really thought of these things as feats of nature, but
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Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 19, Gone Gone Gone
I shuffled into the bedroom to claim the sofa, my shift finished.  Milo and Nico had the two available single beds, but Nico had guard duty now.  Milo snored away in his bed, unaware of my arrival.  I slipped off my shoes and grabbed the notebook to begin writing what I remembered about the day.
In the back, where I wrote “character analysis’s” of everyone I knew, I added Menny to the list.  “God of insults, huge jerk, do not confront” all went below his name.  Then I wrote down some info on Palaemon.  Back at the front of the book, I recorded the date and the day’s events- as much of it as I could remember, which wasn’t too much at this point.  I did remember what I made for dinner: a Nacho Tower, layers of chips filled with cheese and salsa and microwaved for a few minutes.  Delicious, if I do say so myself, as did Milo.  Nico stubbornly claimed he could make better.  I don’t beli
:iconbloggerofstupid:bloggerofstupid 23 1
Shadow of Me - Nicox(M)Reader 18, Palaemon
I slipped out of the room early that morning before anyone had woken up, feeling just as tired as I had been when I lay down.  I was so tired that I nearly tripped over Nico on the floor.  No sleep, fourth night in a row.  Maybe tonight I should try some of that drink Will gave me.
In my hand was the TV-looking device that… what’s his name… Theodore (?) gave me.  Once again it took me a few minutes to re-understand how to work it, but soon the screen was alive with Joel’s sleepy face on it, smiling tiredly at me.  The new dog’s nose poked through some of the sheets and huffed loudly.  “Hey buddy,” I said, sliding to sit against the wall.  “How you doin’?”
“Nice.”  I realized he was in my room, curled up in my bed.  His smile made my stomach warm.  “How are you?”
“Fine, fine.  We stopped at a hotel last night-“  Annabeth staggered ou
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Inks by DarkRapier Inks :icondarkrapier:DarkRapier 57 18 This Was a Triumph by DarkRapier This Was a Triumph :icondarkrapier:DarkRapier 354 76 Lapis Lazuli Cosplay by Zamiiz Lapis Lazuli Cosplay :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,263 173



Hey guys, i cleared out a lot of my old fanfiction and art stuff so if you notice things missing in your favorites or you go looking for something in my gallery and its missing thats why. 


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