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Iron Man 2 Movie

That's a piece I made for an event that will happen through the Art School I work.

For Iron Man 2 Movie everyone's waiting! The best of Marvel based movies, in my opinion!

LineArt and Colors by Me: :iconstriderden:

Do NOT use this images on any circunstances unless you have an authorization.
These are more than copyright protected.
They are also protected by the nature's laws of equilibrium. On any atempt to use them without permission, all profit you made with it will be lost on such a way it will be like you never did it. So, don't waste your precious time.

Characters belongs to Marvel Comics.
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While not a bad piece I have two main issues with the piece.

First, Your light sources seem muddled.
Example: You have War Machine's chest glow not effecting Iron man's armor, or barely effecting the characters at all.
Your Background light is warmer than your foreground light which flattens the characters.


If you look at the reference, (given it's from the movie)
Though you have a fairly cool light source, coming from the left, his chest bulb still gives off enough light to effect the chest plate. and the light recedes into a even cooler red pushing his form out.

Warm to Cool is how you do it in more cases. (depending on your light sources... if it's different get reference)

My other issue with this piece is your rendering of the metal. Referring back to the link i posted if you look at how the light reflects on the armor, it's not all soft. I feel like i should be seeing the light effecting the plates of his armor differently, not like you have as a couple of white highlights. You need to choose what your main light source is and stick with it. Then you can have auxiliary sources and then your ambient. Also you should look at how real metal is lit, not how you think it is.

It's a bit too shiny for shiny's sake not to mention out of place considering the background, but all things considered it's not a bad piece and while it could use work I think you can learn from this.
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Really nice job on this!

By thy side,

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wow, this is amazing!
Great job! ^^
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
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To loca pra ver o filme. Parece que tudo saiu perfeito nesse filme, Chicote negro e a máquina de combate sem conta o própio iron man, que no 1 ja tava muito bom.
Onde será a exposição?
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Do que me lembro, vai ser lá na entrada do Kinoplex!
Off: Que mundo pequeno, fui dar uma olhada na sua galeria, você conhece o Sidnei haha! (A cara dele é inconfundível :p )
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Muito inconfundível. hauhaua
Vou aparecer por la no dia, sabe de data?
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Não sei exatamente, mas muito provavelmente vai ficar lá por um tempo, depois da estréia do filme.
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Made of Iron Win. Fantastic work! Although I would have liked to see War Machine's chest repulsor match his eyes.

I agree, so far, the IM movies are the best comic adaptions I've seen. Marvel really needs to reaquire the rights to all their characters and reboot all the franchises correctly.

What school do you work at?
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I wasn't sure about War Machine's Repulsor, maybe I didn't search enough for the new movie Concepts!

I work at an Art School called "Ânima" here on my country, teaching Digital Painting on Photoshop!
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Early on, they were showing War Machine with blue repulsors and eyes, but after production of the movie finished stills of the movies starting coming out and it looks like his repulsors and eyes will all be red.
No worries, though. The pic still looks bad ass.
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gostei bastante de fato só aquela ilu ali na mao dele que nao me agradou mto, de resto ficou foooda ^^
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Amazing work :)))
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Fantástico, para não dizer fodástico, hehe!
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