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"The opposite of Slave labor is not Wage labor. It's Emancipated labor."

Hello folks! Well, as I continue to understand my watchers, one more question came by! If we reduced the categories to only three, High Quality SFW Art, Tasteful Erotica and Hardcore, how would your personal gallery would be? As for mine as example, I think it would be more or less: - 50% High Quality SFW Art; - 30% Tasteful Erotica; - 20% Hardcore; What about yours? (If you feel uncomfortable but still wants to express yourself, feel free to drop a Note. I can't promise I'll reply them all, but I'll for sure take a look at each one!) Many thanks, awesome people!
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Hello folks, specially my other artist friends today! So, here is the thing: I blinked my eyes, and all of a sudden a decade as artist passed by. By this time, I've been using a Cintiq 12WX as my medium, and although it is totally functional and I never had to replace any part except pen nibs, it's kind of obsolete when it comes to screen technology and pen pressure if you are a professional. I've been researching for new alternatives and now Wacom (finally) has competition in the market, and though Huion was just supposed to be a cheap, lower quality, market brand, I read that they have been able to improve its quality to the point of being a contender. So, before making my decision, I'd like to hear about your experiences with Huion, or if you were able to compare, with both brands! Many thanks, folks! You're just awesome!
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Throughout the communities, I've seen quite a lot of Artists becoming desperate with the AI Artworks that are coming around, drawing as good as or even better than human Artists, and it's a bit funny to me! It's been DECADES we receive warnings about Technological unemployment, and now this is a proof there is absolutely no job immune to it. Artists are receiving a very small taste of what farmers, blue and white collar jobs have been facing since the industrial revolution. What has to be thought, is that machines are only a threat to us because in Capitalism they compete with us and steal our jobs. The problem is work. The problem is that our survival is tied to having a job. Think about it, automation should be about freeing human beings from repetitive labor. If you were not forced to work, you'd give a crap about AI doing your job, as the only value decrease by automation is market value. In a world where you don't need to draw for money, you'd draw whatever you wanted
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I stayed away from adding dragons to my fantasy setting for awhile as I was not sure how to make them fit in it, as my fantasy world is like a sort of new age/quasi-early modern world.

Anyway, I decided that dragons are not naturally-occurring creatures but the result when you have a bunch of research mages messing around using magic to bioengineer various creatures for specific purposes or as a hobby. As a result, you have people trying to create real-life versions of dragons out of what they see in mythology or folktales.

Because of this, they run the gamut in terms of their appearance or what they can and cannot do, and I have been looking around for examples of "dragons" that are non-hexapeds, as having two sets of clavicles would cause a lot of problems, magic or no.

For the dragons that have wings, they are either part of a modified limb instead of being an entirely separate pair of limbs like you see in pterosaurs or the wings are more like rayed fins that come from extensions of the spine rather than modified limbs.

Thank you for kind and unique profile comment ^^

You do wonderful art, love it all! ^^

I love deathwing pice probably the msot, it is nice fusion to anthro and really show how ya great at details and colours ^^

I tip my hat.

You're very welcome, man. I hope to see some more tasteful nude art from you.

Your Artwork is gorgeous, you deserve it!

You're an insanely good artist, keep it up dude!