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My first foray into “adult” coloring books is 32 pages of bone-chilling, toe-curling, bowel-distressing images on durable 80 lb. paper suitable for coloring! The book also has color front and back covers on gorgeous glossy cover stock and an interior tombstone sketch page for those who would like a personalized doodle from yours truly. :)

The book is currently available at the incredible Cottonwood Books ( in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

They will also be available locally at the Louisiana Comic Con: Lafayette this Saturday, the newly reopening Jason’s Southeast Sports Cards & Comics, the Louisiana Book Festival, and many more stores to come.

For purchase online directly through me, please email for details. The book costs $10.00 plus shipping & handling. 

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FCBD 2016 at Jason's Sports Cards and Comics by strickart

This Saturday, May 7th, 2016 (10am-6pm)

I have been invited to make an appearance at Jason’s Sports Cards & Comics for Free Comic Book Day!……

Jason’s is located inside of The Denham Springs Indoor Flea Market (Denham Springs, LA). Now, flea market, I know what you’re thinking, but trust me on this. Proprietor Eddie Kay runs a very classy, gorgeous air-conditioned establishment with tons of new releases, back issues, silver age stuff, and, of course, graphic novels!

I’ll be there doing sketches and selling minicomics and prints. The Esteemed Local Creators joining me thus far will be

:icongavinmichelli: Gavin Michelli and :iconbienvenu: Robert Bienvenu.

Did I mention…FREE COMICS!?!

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We did it! We have our first Patreon Patron! Strickart would like to give a warm welcome and thank you to Hatton Slayden! Hatton is actually my best friend from the art school days at SCAD and is an incredible and accomplished artist. Thanks, Hatton! You're a great friend. I'll surely be keeping you entertained.  


Check out Hatton's amazing work!…

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2202292352103901351 by strickart

Commissions… sorta!

I’ve made a promise of commissions, and currently I am trying to complete samples for folks so you know what you’re getting into.

At the moment, those samples took a back seat to getting the Strickart Patreon itself set up and getting more things fleshed out with The JENN Saga.

BUT, with the computer I’m using sounding more and more like it’s percolating coffee, I need to start slowly opening up these slots… so without further ado, here we go.

BECAUSE my computer is really kinda… dying I can only open up THREE at a time… I apologize but once I have a more functional comp, I can take on more…

All of the money earned from these goes to replacing it. I’m putting a goal of $800 set aside for a great new system. The paying patrons again get the first alerts to when new slots are open.

1.  -OPEN-

2.  -OPEN-

3.  -OPEN-

COMMISSIONS are all 8.5" x 11"

Rough Pencil Sketch (PER SUBJECT)

  • Bust - $5
  • Waist up - $10
  • Full body - $15

Finished Pencil Drawing (PER SUBJECT)

  • Bust - $15
  • Waist up - $20
  • Full body - $25

Inked Drawings (PER SUBJECT)

  • Bust - $30
  • Waist up - $40
  • Full body - $50

*To add flat color to inked drawings, add $5 per subject

*To add finished color to inked drawings, add $20 per subject.

I naturally reserve the right the refuse the requested commission, no backgrounds at the moment, and payments are only available through Paypal.

Please e-mail your request to 

subject: “Commission Request

Try to be as detailed and clear in your request as possible, reference pictures are also a plus. Once I understand what you are asking for, I’ll let you know the full price. If you agree, I’ll create an invoice via Paypal and send that to you. Once I receive your payment, I’ll start on your commission.

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Vincentnroxxycredit by strickart

It’s official!

Back in November, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with the incredible director Gary Michael Schultz as the storyboard artist for the feature film Vincent-N-Roxxy, from Unified Pictures.

This was my first official storyboard artist gig! The film hasn’t been released just yet, but I implore you to please check it out when it hits screens. The movie even has Kid Cudi! You know you love some Kid Cudi.

Keep tabs on this film’s upcoming release date at

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tumblr nqgwdzmHgt1qcc7ejo1 1280 by strickart

FINALLY!!! The Strickart Patreon has begun! We’re gonna see what the fuss is about. For members, it’ll have exclusive content like brand new illustrations, preliminary sketches, thumbnails, insights into my entire creative process from writing to drawing, and Q&As for helpful tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Please go to and check it out! I hope you guys can find enough money between the couch cushions to become a patron and join me on this awesome ride!

Also, follow me on and to see what I've been cooking up.

Thanks for Watching,

Frame by Frame Gallery Show Poster by strickart

It's called Frame by Frame, and features original comic pages from a few of the various book projects I have done over the years. Much of the work has never even been posted to Deviantart. So there's that too.

The work will be on exhibition from September 15th to October 10th. 

An opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 18th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. The reception is open to the public. There will be refreshments, music, prints for sale, and guaranteed weirdness!

It's at The Firehouse Gallery, which is upstairs at The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge. 427 Laurel Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.


I am very happy to announce that there is now a Strickart shop on Society6! Please check it out:

There are prints of "Tweeet!" as well as a few other pieces (some you may have not seen) available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Many more on the way!

Much love. : )

Consume and Multiply,
The Frog Surgeon by Dean Paschal will be available in stores on August 9th, thanks to Portals Press. I illustrated the cover of this novel. Dean is an incredible writer. You should totally go order some copies. I know I am. :)

Check it out:…
Hi there. It's been a long time. A while back, I was hired to do illustrations of gator and crawfish mascots for a great local company called Cajun Clean Soap. It's a good soap and it really works. It takes the seafood funk off of your hands and makes them smell amazing. Not spam. Fact.

Check it out:
My apologies for not being around in the last few weeks. I have a solid reason, though. I have been working steadily for Type Illy Press to finish up the latest installment of the Southside Nefertiti saga. I am very much excited for this book and will soon post updates regarding it's publication. More info on the book here:

I am currently back to making my comic, Elmira Stagg: Convict. I'll be posting my progress from that soon.

And now to those of you who live in and around my ecosystem:

---  A R T  S H O W  ---
The Court Reporting Institute of Louisiana (CRIL) is having an Open House Art Exhibit.
I will have several works on display. Prints and comics for sale too!

Saturday, August 18th. From 11 am to 3 pm.

directions and…
Please come if you can.

---  P R I N T S  F O R  S A L E  ---
The incredibly kind and generous people at Harb's Oasis are currently selling prints of "The Value of Family"… and "Viola"…
These are high quality digital prints, 11"x14", and are signed and framed. $49.00 +tax

Please visit their site: Their store is incredible.

Thanks for reading,
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I now have my very own Tumblr page! I'm quite excited!

Please check it out:

I have some photos from the recent convention and gallery shows there.

Also, if you're into the whole blog thing, there's (stricksketch) It's mostly reposts from DA right now, but I do plan on throwing in exclusive odd sketches here and there.

If you have an account on either of those sites, give me a holla and I'll probably follow you. : )
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To those of you who are in my general proximity, I am very excited to announce that I will be participating in The Lewy Physical Therapy Spring Art Show 2012!

The show is Thursday April 12th from 6 to 9pm. It's a benefit for "Dreams Come True," a local charity which helps terminally ill children in South Louisiana.

I'll be sharing the space with several incredible local artists. Quite humbling. There will be prints & comics for sale and I may do some sketches specifically for the show. These guys are really cool and were even nice enough to put a blurb about me in the gallery of their facebook page(!)

I hope some of you can make it.

Here are the…
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So, it's official! I'm going to have a table at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con on Jan. 28th & 29th! It will be my first year representing StrickArt at a Wizard con, so if you are able to go, please do stop by and say "hi."

Along with myself, the table will also feature: award-winning fiction author Dean Paschal, as well as Erik Van Buren and Robert Bienvenu, the creative backbone of the Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society.  

I plan on selling prints, comics, and sketches. Oh, and if you stop by and are one of my Watchers, let me know and I'll give you a lagniappe.

go here to get tix:…
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