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Leon: The Professional redraw 2 by strickart Leon: The Professional redraw 2 by strickart
I did one of those exercises I see kids doing where you redraw screencaps from a movie or show you like. So, I did Luc Besson's classic film Léon: The Professional. I did these by hand, eyeballing it. It's all HB and 4B graphite. No funny computer stuff. 

It's a humbling experience, afterward, to overlap these two images in Photoshop and see where you went right and wrong. My mistakes were mostly proportional nuances here and there, and not paying quite enough attention to the negative spaces. Not making excuses, but I did do these curled up with a sketchbook, off the cuff, and as quickly as I could. Still, I should have taken just a bit more time in the laying out of the basic shapes of these before attacking them with so much detail. Lesson learned. It's a continuous process. Although I am way more careful with blocking out my drawings now than I used to be, I can always stand to be better.

Also, please don't forget that I still have a Patreon that I am trying to get off the ground(!)

I have been posting some pretty rad new designs and enlightening content for The JENN Saga webcomic that I haven't been showing anywhere else! So if you want to get in on that, all you have to do is donate at least one buck a month. Seriously, you can't buy anything else for a buck a month these days. Trust me, I've tried. 

What? Dollar Shave Club? More like Dollar Scam... Flub... (Ok, plug's over. Sorry.)  
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July 14, 2015
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