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Superman prepares to take flight

The best of them all. Christopher Reeve is a hero on many levels.
iPad painting.
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Taking flight is what he's good at.
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looks awesome! its cool to see what can be produced from devices like an ipad or other tablets. have you ever used procreate? 
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Yes...I have it and used it a little.  I found the combo of Sketchbook and ArtRage to work the best for me.  However, I do bounce around a lot, depending on the effect or brush that may work the best. Thanks.
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Excellent work, as usual!
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Reeve Forever! Great job!
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Indeed!  Thx!
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Just fantastic work. Reeve is Superman. Oh, I love this!
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Awesome work here
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Impressive work.
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You're welcome!
Strib does it again! :-)
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Excellent painting! Someone posted this image on Pinterest as an "Ipad Illustration". If it is so could you please tell me what's the software you use to achieve this?. Thank you!!
strib's avatar's a mixture of ArtRage and Sketchbook Pro. I go back and forth between both apps, since the both do different things very well.
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