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Irulan, the Emperor's Daughter

Read Dune, by Frank Herbert

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Ivor-Kovac's avatar
Awesome work man.  Everything is great, costume design, background, lighting.  You did an excellent job capturing this character and world.
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Thanks.  I consider her the beautiful "caged bird" of the books.  
Ivor-Kovac's avatar
Yea it was unfortunate what happened to her.  Interesting how they would have their official wives and then a kept woman on the side.  You'd think in a universe like Dune they would reinstitute polygamy so that the nobles could form a greater network of alliances.  I know that Frank Herbert was inspired by ancient cultures, and decided to put in the idea of marriage being used as a form of alliance, but he left out polygamy.  
Aquelion's avatar
Wow! She is exactly like I've imagined her from the book.
Nicely done! Clap 
bluesandblast's avatar
Wow this is such a great picture! How long did it take you?
strib's avatar
Couple of days...on and off.  Thx
FurtherShore's avatar
Amazing work! and the color looks great with the scene.
Sigma-Echo-Seven's avatar
An amazing design, fits her character perfectly!
SvalaW's avatar
Wow! Aboslutely amazing work! Very beautiful! I love the color sheme here, it really fits to Irulan in a way. And the details are stunning.
strib's avatar
Very nice, thx!
Vanguard3000's avatar
Beautiful work, Strib!
NEWATLAS7's avatar
just curious what did you think of virginia madsen in that role?
strib's avatar
She was good, although the role wasn't really fully developed.
man this one is cool. is that a suspensor censer. so many awesome details. this image really pulls me in. the gown is so strange and wonderful. may i ask did you use a model for this piece?
anyway thanks for another free lesson.
ps is there a significance to the color palate here, just seems to add so much otherworldly atmosphere.
strib's avatar
You know your Dune. Color-wise I picture Irulan as this golden beauty...a woman bred to be the perfect companion and mate for royalty. In a way, she has to be everything Chani is not, and yet completely desirable. The perfect woman in a gilded cage. So, there's your yellow.
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