A Night of Pliable Passion - Chapter I

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I remember how I had become so cold; I had been absorbed myself into a life of science, shutting myself out and drowning myself into constant acquirement of knowledge, a pursuit to put myself aside from the people who tried to undermine my family. Ever since Alexia and I lost our parents to that fateful day, because of her, she became my only promise to push myself to continue life and move forward, yet there was a place in my heart where there was a piece missing, and that piece had shattered long ago and the fragments had spread out too far to find them. I thought I had lost been lost in the vastness of space which was my irrefutable mind, until my little star Alexia had advised to ease off and remember how to live again, suggesting that I ignore the numbers and conjectures that had composed my life up to that point, all of which seemed dictate my life, a faraday cage that kept me hidden away in my lab. Nevertheless, I’m glad I took her advice; otherwise I would never have set my eyes on her, my love, Karen.

There was warmth to her auburn hair that beautifully framed her features, a simple frame for that smile and eyes that held more love than she would ever admit to. The hue altered as the strands curled and moved, as free as autumn leaves playing in the afternoon sun. Her perpetual silence added to her mysterious allure, but we never really did need words for to understand each other. Karen was my everything; she was my second chance at redemption, my missing piece to my perplexed mind. Nevertheless, what happened to her was a burden that I will carry, and I’ll never forgive myself for what I did to her and Alexia.

Onee-sama, O-nee-sama! Teba, teba! Oi, you still there Mel! Melissa Hunter!” I was snapped out of my deep trance as I heard the bubbly voice of my Imouto of a friend who I call my sister, Alexia. The younger girl’s heritage was half Japanese and half Latino so I tease her the same way she exploits my inner otaku. I winced as I looked up from behind my microscope and groggily answered her, “My apologies little one, what was that again?” I could practically hear her cute little pouting noises over the speaker of my phone. “Hmph, I hate it when you get like this, I’ve told you many times now that it’s unhealthy to hide yourself away in your little lab like that!” She pleaded, “Please come upstairs, it’s been a month since we’ve seen your face, and I’m concerned that you haven’t been eating my meals, we’re so worried about you.” There was a pregnant pause. “Fine, I’ll be upstairs soon Alexia, I’m sorry” I said drowsily.

Ever since the accident that gave Karen and Alexia their powers of being able to inhumanly modify and stretch their bodies like a comic book character, I thus probably created the world’s first meta-humans, besides having worked for many shady think tanks and secret government projects before; I couldn’t begin to imagine them being taken away from me if they were discovered, I wasn’t about to lose them, again.

I had taken it upon myself to finding a cure for them, a way to make them whole and normal again, I could not imbue this life, this curse on them. Their screams of anguish and pain haunt me as I look through multiple samples, looking for the key to the antidote, nevertheless reminded about the accident, the fire, the agony they must have felt for one small miss calculation.

I mutter to myself, “I’m going to make this righ- Huh!?” I jump as I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look around and see it’s my love Karen, her arm elongated away from her body, the warmth of her silent smile makes feel cosy on the inside, I haven’t seen her face in so long. A stretched-out index finger boops me on my nose as it retracts back to ‘normal’ proportions. She let out a soft sultry giggle as I blush up a storm. “H-hey, how’d you get in here, I thought I locked the doors…” my voice trails as her eyes silently shift down. She smirks biting her lip slightly, proudly guiding my own eyes over her body, as usual she’s wearing her favorite baggy ocean blue baseball tee and her yoga pants which usually compliments and hug her greatest asset, or it would if it was there! My eyes widen and fall below her exposed extended midriff as it follows a flattened pink latte toned ribbon that was her stomach, which impossibly left a trail that graces the floor of my lab like a long carpet that leads out below my door, where the rest of her would be waiting.

Every day she finds a new way to surprise me, even without her powers before she was a delightful wonder. “Oh, you little ~ ” I gasped, and to my surprise a wide smile stretched across her face as her neck stretches off her shoulder and shoots her head towards me, I am mesmerized. Unlike Alexia who seems to have rudimentary stretching powers akin to a rubber band, Karen somehow had gotten far more along with her malleability, probably due to her being so close to ground zero. I breathlessly watch as her body serpentines through the air, wrapping her arms literally around me. The air seems to shift to something of a sweet floral scent, I can feel the oxytocins in my brains firing, my whole entire being aching and wanting her, but my rational side wins over my body, and I put a hand up to her, and push her advances back. She halts concerned and little hurt. “Karen, I uh, honey look I told you I can’t touch you until I know that your DNA is stable, you can get hurt if we…” my voice broke as it became hoarse, I knew I was lying to her, I couldn’t face her or Alexia because of the guilt I feel for creating freaks of them, I owed it to them to make their lives normal, I owed so much to them to begin with. I turned around in exasperation. Karen’s arms drooped from my sides, and whatever appendage was draped over, slid off of my shoulders, and retracted to her body slowly, she hung her head sadly and let herself slink back under my door, like a measurement tape being rewound, I watched out of the corner of my eye as she flattened and decompress in addition to slip through the opening under my door, though she clumsily left her shirt behind, I watched as her flustered face fold over and disappear through the shirt hole and then in its place a compressed thin arm reappeared. It stretched and grabbed for the shirt and slid under with the rest of her. Finally when she vanished, I crumpled to the floor along with my glasses and started to cry silently as the hot tears flew down my cheek. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I made this happen to you... I’m so fucking sorry, please forgive me… just plea-” I silently gasp my confessions out and blacking out from exhaustion.

This is my first foray into writing a little thing for my OCs Karen, Alexia, and Melissa. I had originally intended this to be a one shot Valentines day piece (basically I've been sitting on this story line for about a couple of years now) so I decided to share it and break it up into a couple chapters. I really wanted to write my OCs to reflect my own personalities and anxieties. I hope you guys like it and stick around for the next part!

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Whoa...this is going to be deep.


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all in good time ;)

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looking forward to the new chapter

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Oh,you art so crooel...CURSE YOU! The Universe demands those girls to get satisfied about their feelings and needs,and it should be by having an intense session of rough,squeaky and wet...conversation...for a beginning,I guess.Meow :3  
More!More!More!:eager: by darkmoon3636 Such is the claim from the Universe!And also me,by the way.Nod 
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Ssssh to be continued in "Chapter 2" wink

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Fine.But,you must know Universe is a fiercely demanding entity that only can become satisfied exclusively on excelence.Then,following such conditions,second chapter must be so interesting and exciting so far,for it will be named"Chapter 3" Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. No!Even better,It will be named"Chapter 3.0"EVIL Laughter! 
(I'd get overdosed on many dangerous mixed medicines despite I'm not sick!Smells Like Teen Spirit  Is it notable?Crazy )
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Lol no worries I am the universes writer! Mwhahaha! 😂

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Thumbs Up I salute you! 
(God,are you there?Today I discovered that even getting despicably toxicated,people has no guts to call me off...Why am I so beloved?Digging for gold )
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it's because I deal with this every day and I hold you in high regard :P

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Wonderful start. I'm looking forward to seeing where things go with your characters. Clap 
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Thank you Jaquelidor that means a lot to me!:love: :happybounce:

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Amazing, do more if you could
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Lol hence why this is Chapter 1, cause Chapter 2 is soon to follow 😉

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I love how you showed when Melissa’s thoughts in bliss have suddenly triggered back to what went wrong, yet at the same time is amazed to how these two friends have enjoyed their capabilities. There are other perspectives to the story as we move forward with Karen and Alexia’s. Well done! Loved it.
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As always, no prob.
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Really looking forward to a resolution between Karen and Melissa SM , I always like happy endings 🥰
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Several stretchy stories seem alliterative in spelling... of the titles. Such a sad yet satisfying story so far, StretchM3.
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Thank you! Do stick around for the next part!

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