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I've never tried to do something like this before, but I really want to bring awareness to remembrance day. It's something that I find more and more affecting and I just wanted enable a way to remember on a wider scale. I've donated and wear a poppy on my coat, but if you could wear this poppy on your da page and donate where you can that would be so wonderful too.

Information on the poppy appeal can be found here: [link]

Could you please, please download this image and post it in your gallery with the link to the poppy appeal and wear this poppy on your page and remember those who sacrificed so much. Or even draw your own. Please pass the message on. Please don't link back to me either

I'd love to see as many poppies as I can on this site. It'd mean so much to so many people!! Please post. Thank you.

Lest we forget.
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As an American, I never knew about this tradition in the UK, and it's nice to see such a nice way to honor the fallen. It really is a beautiful flower. May your troops be resting in peace. :)
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Thank you for doing this.
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Thy will be done, Mistress. [link]
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That's a lovely idea. I've been out selling poppies today and Thursday with other volunteers from my university. It's always cold but you meet interesting people and raise a lot of money.
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A lovely way to give respect to the fallen.
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I'm glad to see things like this here.
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I want to thank you Miss Jenny.....for remembering. :thanks:
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Lest we forget, indeed.
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What does the poppy mean?
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It's what people wear at the beginning of November and on Armistice/Remembrance day every year on the 11th of November (and the nearest Sunday, if it's not on a Sunday) and remember the soldiers who have died then and now and a two minute silence at 11 o'clock. The poppies come into it because they grew after WW1 ended, (on the 11th of November 1918) in the field where soldiers were buried, as well as the fields where they fought, because they commonly grew there. I believe the poppies symbolised the death of the many soldiers and the red linked in with the blood shed. Hope that helps.
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Thank you, I never knew. It's odd that poppys are my favorite flower.
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I made 7 BIG poppies for school decoration and about hundred small for pins... Hard work but I'm proud of it ^^
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My mom made a pin for me. It's on my red bag.. red pin and red bag xD
I always wear mine with pride!
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I put it just under my deviantID. :aww:
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How do I add this poppy on my DA page? I don't have a premium membership so I don't think I can do it in a widget...
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Could you download it and then re-upload it to DA as a deviation? Then possibly put it as an ID pic. Or it'll just show up on 'newest deviations' :)
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Oh, okay. I'll try that--thanks!
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No problem - I hope it works :)
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This is a really touching image. I think wearing a poppy in November is more important than ever now that the people who were there and fought for us and those who managed to survive the conflict are becoming fewer. I lost both my grandfathers over the last 2 years and they both worked for the war effort here in Britain and in New Zealand. Rememberence brings people closer together in honour of those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Honour the glorious dead.
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