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Take My Money!

Uhuh... My characters influence my financial frivolities. Its ridiculous but it makes me smile. Plus I got some bitching new boots out of it.

Hipster Jen was wearing Stag feet before all y'all.

Cos this is quite old, drew it in Jan...
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i do things like this with my characters to XDD i see a piece of clothing that looks like something they wear/have on them and im just like "MUST WEAR"
MsAnonymous1's avatar
the cosplay begins
CuddlePanda19's avatar
lol omg too cute lol
DaMushroom's avatar
good-I'm not the only one who thinks like that
SleepDeer's avatar
thats really cute qwq i like that clothaes are so you feel like a animal you like
Le-Ammy's avatar
She looks great!
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Garden-of-Eden1's avatar
i like boots.... no i LOVE DEM!!!!!!!
WindyMountain5090's avatar
I am going shopping....NOW! Must find.....
Yobi-chan's avatar
Lol! I love it! xDD You look cute with them on xD
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Yup, my characters and favorite characters influence my financial frivolities too. In fact they are to blame for all of my financial frivolities.
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xD I got that. My troll character influences clothing purchases..nothin' wrong with it! ;D
AI-LOCKETT's avatar
this makes me want a pair... :iconbegplz:
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I like your face in the third panel :XD:
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I have kind of those boots=)) Am I Abernos?=D

But unfortunately it's black...
skellingurl's avatar
I would do that too :D
ARTabstraction's avatar
Awwwwww she looks so adorable!!!
Drangelu's avatar
hahahahaha :rofl:
This make my day!!
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very true- i run around looking for pieces of clothing i associate with my OCs too x'D
bubblegumrobot's avatar
smegging love this one dude :D
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