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Salt water stings...

Mias and Elle still dicking around at the beach. Being ninnys.

I couldn't resist adding something extra to the last meme I did, cos the idea of them having their eyes wide open in salt water made a few of you, myself included, wince a bit. So this is how it should have ended ^__^

Last one can be found here:
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Hahaha trop drôle! Et mignon.😊
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Yes! This is reality~! I always was bugged whenever romance movies had scenes where the couples would just stare at each other IN SEA. I'm always like, "But your eyes should be burning guys!!". lol
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Not if it's the baltic sea! :P there the salinity is perfect for keeping eyes open underwater! but ofc.. the water is so murky it is no use.. XD
Ehsol-namu's avatar
then what's the point?! lol XD 
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I live in Washington so water is always in my eyes. Cold, hot, salty, bleachy, you name it.
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Salt water isn't supposed to hurt. It actually makes it easier to see underwater. Or perhaps it depends on the level of salt in the water?
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lol..  wait salt water doesn't hurt eyes.... maybe it's just me I grew up by the sea
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Awwwww that's so cute!
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well love is BLIND Troll!!! U MAD BRO!!!!
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it doent hurt me im there all the time so im use to it
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is that you, fish man? o; *super dramatic low voice*
aMuttnamedVali's avatar
err, nothing xD it's a joke :P 
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salt water..
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O mai nanny that was cute!
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Cute and humorous . :D
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