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Yay! Fanart! Drew this yonks ago, finally plucked up the courage to ink and colour it in. Harry Potter, everyone. Having a chat with a snake. I love the fact he has this eeeevil power of talking to snakes. I see nothing wrong with talking to snakes myself and he never seems to take advantage of having a conversation with one. More parselmouth in the next book! I was so tempted to stick a speech bubble in there; "Well, I slithered around for a bit this morning, then I ate a vole, slithered around a bit more, ate something else...". Probably why Harry's looking bored.
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Harry looks half-asleep while the snake is getting really into his convo...LOL. :D
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The snake looks like it's having a really intense conversation. Hahahhaaa.
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or something to the line of,

"Then I got stuck in this drain, you would not BELIEVE what is down those things... anyway, I resent the whole "evil" stigma against my kind, hey i didn't pick to be on Voldemort's side, HE chose to look like me... the freak."
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Haha picturing the picture with your word bublle made me laugh. Great job.
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Brilliant drawing, I really love your style! I wished you'd put the speech bubble in, it would have made me laugh myself to sleep hehe :D
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I'll tell you a True story.. on friday.. My bro caught a Snake. then my dad Speaked Parselmouth...Then the Snake curled up! How cool was that! Then I had a Dream that I was talking Parselmouth to a Snake... then the Snake said " Ha, Nice try!" It was because I wasnt very good at Speaking parselmouth :X
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Dude you got snakes on the brain! but cool story. We don't have that many snakes over here. Just one. And they are so unsociable.
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I know :3 btw im a Girl..
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XD I call everyone dude.
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Oooh, neat! I thought I was the only one wanting Harry to use Parseltongue more. I keep hoping the Brazilian boa from the first book will come back and hang out with him. :D

A very nicely drawn picture, as well!
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Thanks! Yeah! He should soo talk to snakes more!
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some funny dialogue would go great with those expressions!

snake: "So then she tells me, get this, she tells me--"
Harry: "who are you and why are you talking me?"
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The look on Harry's face is priceless. I wonder how often parseltongues use snakes to spy. I know Voldemort does it, but do you think semi-normal people like Harry would ever think to use them to, I dunno, follow cheating girlfriends?
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Thats a very good point. I think Harry should use parselmouth to his advantage. Maybe he should get them to spy on Voldemort. Not all snakes are evil surely? I think they'd be pleasd to have someone to talk to.
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The one at the zoo was cool and seemed fairly intelligent. I wonder if your average garden variety is as coopretive.
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I would imagine so.
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(voice of Alan Rickman) potter's pants.
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Why is Alan Rickman commenting on Potters Pants?
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Lol, I love this! The snake is adorable! (don't ask about my wierdness XP)
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