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Finally got to do a drawing of Oula again.
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Awww, adorable as ever :)
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You're drawings are the reason why I wanted to start a selkie oc to rp with.  *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 
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She's adorable! The expression is precious, and I love the way you drew her fingers.
Hatted-Halfling's avatar
I do love your selkies! They're so beautiful, and capture both the human and seal aspects of them so wonderfully! And in your lovely, gentle art style... it's always a treat to check my alerts and see a picture of Oula or some of her friends or family waiting there. ^U^
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Mys-fit's avatar
I love how she is part seal!
NeriSiren's avatar
Yaaay, Oula! :dance:  I love how her fins look as though they're cupped together, like hands.
Dri-Bee's avatar
Aweeeee is she like, part seal? I love this!! 
MidnightMusik14's avatar
Your drawings always make me happy.  :)
RY0ASUKA's avatar
Aww shes so cute and chunky c: i love the texture you used
SavannahsDrabbles's avatar
Oh my gosh - she's gorgeous! :D
Kaye00's avatar
I missed your selkies, they're so adorable.
Dark-Angel167's avatar
She's so pretty <3 
Samie-Seville's avatar
Nice job with this
dragongirlhellfire's avatar
Yaay! :heart: i love love love your selkies (and also i've been flinging myself headlong into the idea of Strictly Mammalian Mermaids lately (for silly pedantic reasons) and i think you've been inspiring that in part)
(and i know selkies are not mermaids and i know traditional selkies are not the ones you draw but *~shrugs gaily~* )
SzkArt's avatar
I love your selkies, they are like a grey beastly and cute fairy tale. :D 
PaperAnomaly's avatar
OULAAAAAA!! I missed that pudgy girl
Demosthenes-101's avatar
OULA!!!!!!!! :squee:  My favorite Selkie!!!!!!!  SHE'S BACK!!!!!
FeatherEyed's avatar
I love your selkie characters.
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