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My Bag and its Contents



The contents of my handbag. I had a bit of free time and my handbag, at hand, So I thought I'd document the contents. I've seen this done a few times since joining dA, and have always wanted to give it a go :)

I'm pretty chuffed with how much I can actually fit in my handbag. One of the things I forgot to include was my passport, for buying alcohol (as I look too young and don't really have any other ID) and emergency moonlight flits... just in case I have too much alcohol.
And yeah, I'm pretentious enough to carry around some Metaphysical poetry and Shakespeare's Sonnets. It gives me something to read on the train and make me look sophistimicated like XD

Seriously tho, John Donne is awesome. It's like Mias wrote poetry. Look up Going to Bed or The Sun Rises.
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Back pack, back pack, all the things that you might need you can find inside.