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Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg5

Page 5 everybody :) Some very done ashes.

Page 6 will be up on friday on :

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Panel 3 made me laugh a bit. It seems even in death some things never change.

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i think its kinda handy, when people start scatter themselves. that should be a usual thing to do! :iconkittynofoolplz:
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"This is exactly the type of thing you'd do!!" lol
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Great details on the architecture. Do you live there, or use images for reference? Or is it partially accurate? Just curious.
Did he get tired of the conversation? In other news...Gramps secretly approves?
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Love the monologue!
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"I knew you'd do this sorta thing!"

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com3 back dust D:
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....She is yelling at dust..... Awesome XD
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.. so sad, but someway so funny that part xD
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why would it led her there?
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I relate to Elle on a spiritual level here.
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I feel like the person in the urn was mias and I know that doesn't make any sense but who knows maybe it will it's just a guess
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Ok, I'm dying to know who was in that urn.  Her mom?  dad? Grandparent?  hmmmm.
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we're off to see the wizard! the wonderful wizard of...uhh....Black hair?
Because because because: He has a nice ass!
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It's really like Hot Fuzz over again. I love seeing Wells Cathedral being used, it's such a beautiful location but it's so weird to see it here! I lived there for 7 years and I didn't realise that plaque was there? You learn something new every day. Is it beneath the archway? I guess I never walked down in that area.
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Had to have been a wizard or wise woman of some considerable power! :aww:
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Excuse me while i just admire the architecture ^^ hehe and i wonder whats gonna follow : 3
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Thank you for appreciating that. ^__^
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hehe ur welcoomee ^^ I likes architecture like that : 3 all cathedrals and what not
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She is talking to the ashes....
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Still loving it!
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