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Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg16

Mias. No.

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Ah, so Mias can cast spells all day if he wants to! Though he's doing it individually so I'm guessing he can't mass-afeorse everyone in one go.

Crimsondrop7's avatar
Whoo! We gotta player here!
LaLadayCavalier's avatar
Oh my gosh I love that emotive little bell SO MUCH!
PhoenixGalaxy's avatar
"I knew I shouldn't have woken up today"
xCosmicGhostx's avatar
Bell: Wrong person moron! >:U
RobinTheBard's avatar
Wrong bride dude XD
RoseQuory's avatar
Jenny cameo. Does anyone else see it?
KawaiiMichie's avatar
^^; I hope he's not stealing the bride..
WhaleDoctor's avatar
I am imagining him with the best british accent this is so great
Zorbonaut's avatar
princesswanderer's avatar
Jenny....I noticed your cameo
Raving-Psychotic's avatar
Wow, that bride's going strong in the cleavage department- her boobs aren't even falling with gravity in the last panel! Unless they're meant to be falling toward her face...still though, some epic boobs.
the-exiled-muse's avatar
The blond in the crowd does look like Elle, but younger. I wonder what would happen if Mias saw her face first?
LeeV101's avatar
That blonde is a jenny camo
bloodyaarice's avatar
ahhahahaha okay first off in the top panel that girl with the pink bow in her hair kind of looks like you, jenny. (are you making a cameo?) secondly.. oh my god i laughed way too much on this page "bell tell me now, because this could be an embarrassing situation"... eh ya think?? XD 
alerxhees's avatar
who else spotted jenny in the crowd
bloodyaarice's avatar
i know right, i was thinking that's her with the pink bow 
J3V1L's avatar
You know,
 The exact same thing happened at a friend of mine's wedding.
bloodyaarice's avatar
a wizard crashed their wedding,-gasp-  oh my god invite me next time another one of your friends is getting married.
Neophantasma's avatar
Loving your comic ! <3
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